Dolphinarium Dubai

If you arrive in Dubai with family or simply you want to see a quality dolphin show, then it is time for you to visit the famous Dubai Dolphinarium. This is in fact the very first Dolphinarium ever built in the Middle East and still stands on the first place when it comes to the size and the quality of the shows. Let us check out why is worth visiting the Dubai Dolphinarium.

Dubai Dolphinarium opened its doors to the public in 2008. Built with the help and assistance of the Dubai Government, this entity is built primarily for the locals, to be able to enjoy dolphin and seal shows and in order for the children to learn about these precious sea creatures. The size of Dubai Dolphinarium is 5000 square meters including multiple types and sizes of rooms and swimming pools. Due to the harsh local climatic conditions, the Dubai Dolphinarium is fully air-conditioned and it presents its dolphin shows and all of its services entirely indoors.

Dubai Dolphinarium can be found in the area of the huge Dubai Creek Park, which is not far from the downtown of Dubai. The huge park also includes the Wonderland, a great theme park for children and therefore Dolphinarium can be included in a great family day during weekends and even weekdays. The Dubai Dolphinarium has been built with the inclusion of high quality light and stereo effects.

However, most importantly, let us see who currently lives in Dubai Dolphinarium. This great dolphinarium gives home for five Black Sea Bottlenose dolphins who are called Senya, Tetka, Fekla,Ksyusha and Jerry and four Northern Fur Seals, namely Ghosha, Fila, Max, and Lusha. All animals are trained well and highly in accordance with the international laws regarding animal training and housing. The Dolphinarium has 60 employees to take care of the whole Dolphinarium.

The total area of the Dubai Dolphinarium is divided into the following areas:

1. Training pool: this area has three pools all of which are connected to the dolphins’ private habitat, which is a huge pool containing 600 thousand-litre seawater in order for them to have space for swimming and to feel more like home. Of course, the entity also includes a medical pool for the sick animals and a separated area for the seals, which also live in the Dubai Dolphinarium.
2. Dolphin and Seal Halls: this is a 30 metres long and 15 metres wide hall, which is exclusively designed for special events, such as children birthdays, school visits or conferences and other events.
3. Main pool area: The main area, where Dolphin shows are also featured can occupy as many as 1200 guests in the same time. The size of the main water pool is 30 x 16 metres.

The Dubai Dolphinarium was built not only to entertain but also to cater the other needs of little and adult guests. A fine restaurant area houses the Happy Valley Restaurant where you can have some of the specialties of Dolphinarium’s cuisine. This great site also has a gift shop and some photographers who take photos of every guest on request. Do not miss visiting the 5D cinema of the Dolphinarium to learn even more about the sea and its beautiful creatures.

Shows are held twice a day with the exception of Friday and Saturday when there are 3 shows held daily. Morning Show starts at 11:00, if applicable midday show starts at 3:00PM and the latest show starts at 06.00PM.

As mentioned above, Dolpinarium is designed also to teach children about sea creatures therefore it received school classes pretty often. The entity has tree-equipped classrooms for these events. A specially trained staff can tell everything for visiting school or kindergarten classed about dolphins, seals and about the sea creatures. Dubai Dolphinarium also holds other classes in its area, namely dancing classes for all age groups.

You can also book your entrance ticket online on the site of Dubai Dolphinarium. The closest Metro Station to Dubai Dolphinarium is the Dubai Healthcare City, but it is wiser to take a taxi or find the bus that has a stop by the Creek Park’s main entrance and start up from the Karama Main Bus Station. Dubai Dolphinarium is a very pleasant experience, which you just cannot miss, if you are in Dubai with family.