Dubai Restaurants

A lot of people would say that you are not a good traveler if you never try out the best tasting dishes in a certain place. Perhaps you have traveled the globe and you have seen a lot of places, been with people from different races, slept in different hotels, shopped in many different places: malls, flee markets etc. but to eat in one of that place’s best restaurants, is just the best thing there is. Come to Dubai and taste the wonders of the Emirate cuisine through the best Dubai restaurants.

Dubai restaurants have been regarded as one of the best places to dine in the face of this planet. What seems to be so impressive is that like hotels, Dubai restaurants offer not just good food but entertainment and quality service as well. Tickle your taste buds and have a taste of the famous dishes in Dubai like breads which come in many different forms and flavors like the following:
Raqaq (flat) Bread,  Yeast Bread, Al Jabab Bread

There are a couple of really good dishes too but here is the catch, the secret to the great taste of these food items is the lengthy preparation like the much savored:
Al Harees,  Al Majboos, Al Salona, Al Madrooba, Fish dishes, which is a very much used ingredient in their cuisine since most of them are Muslims.

And you can sink your teeth with the mouth watering deserts too! Here are some that you must try out:
Al Khabeesah, Al Khanfaroosh

With all these dishes you will surely stop thinking about the diet… and oh, never forget about the kebab which is a favorite in many parts of the world. Of course, the best tasting and authentic Emirate food choices all are in the best Dubai restaurants.

Here are a list of the famous Dubai restaurants that you should visit:
1.    Thai Bistro – A Thai restaurant located at Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa.
2.    Tanour – An Indian restaurant which is located right opposite of Century Hotel.
3.    Le Venezia – Italian restaurant which is located at Metropolitan Hotel.
4.    Ayam Zammam – Lebanese restaurant at Century Hotel in Bur, Dubai
You got your favorite cuisines right in Dubai. A fuse of different culture and style that’s what Dubai restaurants are all about. To tickle your mouth in eating a sumptuous meal in the restaurant of your choice.
If you want to dine out in Dubai then Dubai restaurants will surely take the hunger away. Just keep in mind that no alcoholic beverages could be ordered in Dubai because it is a Muslim city.  Whether it is just a food adventure or a cure for a hungry stomach after a tour, always remember that the best tasting and authentic food in Dubai are those prepared the way only Dubai restaurants can do.

So c’mon, have fun and enjoy your stay in Dubai and happy eating in Dubai restaurants. If you want a really luxury experience, book a lunch at the Burj Al Arab Hotel!