Dubai Theme Parks

Dubai has several theme parks and the number of these is still growing. Theme parks are the best way for children and families to enjoy lots of facilities and attractions in the same time during having fun. Dubai theme parks all try to give an extra for the families for whom it is the most important to take care of their children’s happy free time. The great thing in Dubai theme parks is that they have something to offer for everyone. Let us see the best Dubai theme parks now on offer:
Water theme parks:
The two best Dubai theme parks include the Aquaventure and the Wild Wadi Theme Park, both being Water Theme Parks and both of them located on the Jumeirah Beach with the Aquaventure being on the Palm Jumeirah Island as part of the huge Atlantis the Palm hotel. The Aquaventure has multiple facilities for families. First, the unique slides taking you to the big pools of the Aquaventure, the famous Ziggurat pool that features an authentic ziggurat with slides included which seem to be ending within a shark pool but there is a twist, which you will know when visiting the park. Aquaventure also offers a unique attraction for families called the Lost Chamber, which contains an interactive exhibition on the Atlantis remains found during the excavation works. Here you can see some beautiful aquariums with the most beautiful colourful fishes together with the ruins, which also cover an ancient street of, sank Atlantis. Take a boat, go around the great Dolphin Bay, and enjoy a little peace after the busy water park.
The Wild Wadi is among the best and most popular Dubai theme parks. An excessive number of all sorts of slides, with several pools for every age and with some great-motorised fun equipment, these places are always a great fun to be. The Wild Wadi theme park has lagoons, lakes, rivers inside the complex and even it has some beautiful villas where you can decide to stay or which you can rent for a day, if you are with children of different age.
Shopping centre complex Dubai theme parks
The Wild Wadi Water Park is next to Madinat Jumeirah which also can be considered as a Dubai theme park, in which case the theme is definitely Arabic with the aim to revive the beautiful Arabic buildings, gardens, spicing the whole with some blue lagoon, Arabesque hotels by which you will feel like being in Morocco. The Madinat Jumeirah with its hundreds of restaurants and shops is indeed a theme park in itself and serves as a tourist hub for many.
Wafi City is really a theme park where the choice of theme has somehow fallen to the representation of ancient Egypt. Here, you will feel like walking the old streets of Cairo when the pharaohs were still ruling Egypt. Of course, the shops and Wafi’s own Dubai theme park for children the Encounter Zone will make you come back to the present age to have fun with your family.

Other Dubai theme parks include the Al Nasr Leisureland, which is a great activity place for all the family with several fun park motives. The Wonderland is a huge complex serving the fun time of the children with various shows and interactive teaching courses too.
As you see, you will surely not feel bored with your family when you are in Dubai. The number and quality of Dubai theme parks is indeed high and you can find some great activity in one of the Dubai theme parks every single day during your stay.