Dubai Wedding

A wedding is a fantastic adventure when you manage to make it come true. As the biggest day of your life, you would like your wedding to be something special, and where else can it be the best and most special than in Dubai! We give you a handy guide on planning a Dubai wedding with the help of one of the best hotel and event organizer chain in the world: the Jumeirah Group.

Jumeirah is Dubai’s very own company, housing some of the most luxurious hotels that ever existed in the world. Jumeirah has plenty of luxury hotels in Dubai. The iconic Burj Al Arab is one of the best known. They have recently opened their newest ones one being Jumeirah Creek and being the newest diamond of Palm Jumeirah Island, each one of their hotels look like a fairy tale with extremely high quality standards, making your stay like a dream comes true. If you would like to make your Dubai Wedding dream to come true, Jumeirah Group’s wedding planner is the best choice for you to turn to.

Let’s see some of the finest offers of Jumeirah Dubai wedding planner:

Dubai Wedding and Honeymoon venues at Burj Al Arab
There are not many people in the modern world who wouldn’t recognize the iconic shape of Burj Al Arab. Having the shape of a vessel, this building, also called the one and only 7 Star Hotel of the world is the trademark of Dubai’s luxury lifestyle and modernity. Burj Al Arab offers ten different venues outdoors and indoors with perfectly different style depending on style, number and flavour guests can choose from traditional Arabic style up to Amphitheatre style venues, this hotel offers the very best for a Dubai Wedding. Some of the best venues include the outdoors Marina Garden, Tameen and Al Areeka Majlis for meals and the Assawan Amphiteatre for the lowers of style and uniqueness. Watch out for the special offers and the Golden Packages of Burj Al Arab.

Dubai Wedding and Honeymoon packages at Madinat Jumeirah
Madinat Jumeriah is a huge favourite in the circles of both locals and tourists. Nowhere else can you find such a beautiful authentic style quarter where you can really feel being part of the 1001 Arabian Nights. With its picturesque buildings, which were made in medieval Arabic style and that includes hotels looking like the castles of Arabic caliphs, Madinat is the place to be. It contains several beutiful hotels, a restaurant and shopping centres, having its own souk and where you can even go on boat just like in Venice. Nowhere else are gardens so beautiful and lush as in here. Al Qasr, Mina A Salaam are both great quality hotels within Madinat offering beautiful oriental style venues for the perfect Dubai wedding. Madinat has its own spa and entertainment complex for everyone to prepare for the big day in his or her very best form. For the wealthy, we offer the Malakiya Villas, which should be booked well in advance, being the perfect hideaway during the Honeymoon days.

Dubai Wedding and Honeymoon packages in Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Jumeirah Beach is one of Dubai’s oldest, biggest and finest hotels. Imagine a hotel where you can find more than 8 different restaurants, 4 pubs and clubs, discos and nightclubs all in one! This huge hotel has a vast beachside and its very own villas complex directly on the beach, the picturesque Beit Al Bahar villas. Jumeirah beach offers about 20 different styles of rooms, suites, apartments in its building, which means everything here serves your wellbeing and happiness. The area of this complex is huge and serves as the perfect place for holding weddings and where you can have the perfect honeymoon.

Of course, there is so much more to Dubai wedding as these three beautiful hotel complexes in Dubai, yet they make the perfect start for you in planning the very best scene of your Dubai wedding. Check out the offers of Jumeirah Hotel group where you can come face to face with pure luxury.