Exciting Dubai Nightlife

Dubai is considered to be the fastest developing city in the world and certainly one of the most very busy. Countless expats from different countries come to Dubai to work aside from the locals and those from near countries. This bustling tourist and business community brings about a big market with the need for entertainment, relaxation and the nightlife. Ethnic traditions and new social values mix in this majestic place. It is a big contrast which blends well. Liquor and other alcoholic drinks are allowed only inside hotels aside from very few exemptions. Most likely, hotels are the only places you can have a drink.

Dubai nightlife ends at three in the morning, no exceptions. This is just one rule in Dubai regarding bars which is strictly implemented. A person must also be at least twenty one to be allowed to consume alcohol and twenty to be permitted to enter a club or bar. Most bars have high entrance fees to members which make it a bit costly to enjoy. Other bars are restricted to single ladies only or couples only and may waive their entrance fees. Most single men have to pay unless they go in with some lady friends. Some men may need Dubai escorts which can accompany them to venues where single men are restricted.

Dubai nightlife is a great party environment for women. They can literally party at most places at special days without spending anything. Such nights are often called Ladies Nights usually down on slow nights such as Mondays. A great marketing campaign since when the ladies are, the men follow.

Hotels in Dubai are undoubtedly of high standards which allow guests to experience to experience quality dining, accommodations and even nightlife. The wide range of entertainment Dubai nightlife offers vary from relaxed pubs, to ethnic environments to the most modern establishments. The choices where to spend your nightlife is so vast you need to do some research to know where the best parties are in town offering the best rates.

Dubai nightlife is also bustling with performing arts entertainment such as bands, traditional and modern dancers, singers and others. Most bars host games on special nights and give special prizes or some club privileges to the winners.

One bar which stands out in Dubai or even the world is the Skyview Bar which is situated at the famous Burj Al Arab, the world’s only seven star hotel. This bar is said to unmatched in terms of quality service, amenities and entertainment.

Going around Dubai’s busy and exciting nightlife is also as safe as it can get. Due to strict implementation of laws, fights are very rare.  People, even though drunk, try to remain within the boundaries of law as they are aware of the consequences once they break it.

A taste of Dubai nightlife is a great experience and memorable indeed. You could also seek the service of Dubai escorts to guide you through the city’s urban nightlife. It is also advisable to visit sites which offer more information on the places to see at night in Dubai so as to make your visit more pleasurable by knowing where to go.