Atlantis Dubai

The Atlantis Dubai is, quite simply, like no other hotel resort and complex on this earth. This may be a claim made by several hotels, but it’s one the Atlantis Dubai can genuinely back up. This strikingly unique and luxurious hotel is the gem of the Arab Emirates and Dubai’s crowning glory.

The focal point of the Atlantis is the Palm Jumeirah, a collosal man-made ideal which is right in the centre of the complex. From there, the resort spans out in a spider web, offering the most complete Dubai holiday experience anyone could ever desire.

Atlantis DubaiThe Atlantis Dubai is a city within a resort. It features a dazzling array of recreational opportunities, the most exciting and popular of these being the Aquaventure. To describe Aquaventure as a water park is to do a gross injustice; this is the water park to end all water parks. The park includes a river ride experience that is over two kilometers long, as well as water rapids – to be experiencing on the ever-present rubber ring – and white water chargers. There is also the fabulously extravagent Ziggurat, a water slide build within a mock-ancient temple, offering an experience quite unlike any order.

If water isn’t quite your thing, the Atlantis Dubai has much more to offer. For fans of marine life, there is Dolphin Bay. Here, you can swim with dolphins, an experience oft described as the one thing everyone should do before they die. The dolphins are situated in three lagoons, and as well as experiencing swimming with them, you can learn about the mammals themselves and their sumptuous lifestyles at the Atlantis Dubai.

While the Atlantis caters effortlessly for the adventure seeker, many go on holiday for the opportunity to relax – and, of course, the Atlantis Dubai has this covered. It features one of the most majestic spas in the world, offering world-class treatments in stunning traditional Dubai-styled surroundings.

The Atlantis also features access to some of the world’s most exclusive boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants, bars, lounges, nightclubs, adventure excursions, tennis courts and self-styled Arabian Adventure days.

However, unlike many luxury complexes, the Atlantis Dubai is extremely family friendly. The entire resort is designed around excitement, stimulating the mind and entertaining the entire family for their entire duration. Dubai does many an excellent honeymoon destination, but the Atlantis is much more designed for family’s with children, as many of their excursions and entertainments have not just a child-friendly theme, but are designed with children in mind. All suites and rooms come with, unless specifically requested not to, sleeping accommodation for a family of four, with adjoining suites available for larger parties.

All of this magnificent splendour does, however, come at a price. A night in even the cheapest of rooms is over $500, with the most opulent suite – the Regal Suite Club – costing an astonishing $1700. It may not cheap, but it is most probably worth it as the Atlantis Dubai offers an experience unlike any other.