Best Dubai Apartments

When in Dubai and traveling with a large family, staying in Dubai apartments can save you a sum of money at the same time offering you other advantages as well.

Some of these advantages are that they are usually larger in space when compared to hotel accommodations or rooms, it gives you the flexibility of self-catering amenities, it gives an environment and atmosphere typical to your home and most apartments come with a balcony which certainly provides again more space and view.

Choosing amongst the wide selection of Dubai apartments must be dealt with carefully as it is hard to change minds once you’ve already checked-in at one. These apartments vary great deal in terms of prices from cheap to luxurious five star apartment rates. The rates depend on the amenities, location, quality of service and ambience.

There are also some categories for Dubai apartments. There are the cheap apartments, the beach apartments and the apartment hotels. You can research more on how one differs from another and which would fit you best to serve your needs.

Some examples of Dubai apartments are listed below:
The Burj Residence Penthouse – it is located in the old town of Burj Dubai. A typical apartment unit in this penthouse has three bedrooms, four bathrooms and can accommodate six people. This is certainly a luxury penthouse apartment by all standards with plenty of room or space ideal when traveling with children. The weekly rate for this type of apartment if AED 15000.

An example of Dubai apartments which are also know as a beach residence is the JBR Beach Apartment. It is located in the Jumeirah beach residence. The price for a week’s stay for an apartment with four bedrooms and 3 bathrooms is AED 24000. This apartment offers luxury at its finest with panoramic views of the sea, forty inch LCD TVs, wireless internet, top class furniture and other added amenities.

Located in Palm Jumeirah is the Palm Jumeirah Hatimi Apartments. It usually has units with three bedrooms, five bathrooms and accommodates eight people priced at AED 14500. It is located on the beach itself, fully furnished and equipped with other luxury facilities as well. It also offers free transfers form the airport.

Another selection from the wide array of Dubai apartments is the Al Fattan Dubai Beach Apartments which is nestles on the Jumeirah beach residence. It has units priced at AED 9800 with three bedrooms, four bathrooms and accommodates sic to eight people. This apartment has fabulous views of the sea in every room and one of the most sought after apartments. It has several towers and the entire establishment is loaded to fulfill one’s lavishness.

There are a lot more Dubai apartments to choose from and these are just a few. When choosing an apartment, aside from price, you should also consider the location. See to it that it is near or accessible to the vicinity from which you will hold most of your activities. Ask about their regulations on check-in and check-out times as it might be very different to western standards or other places in the world. Also try to know if they offer free shuttle services and if they do, make use of it as much as you can. Not only does it save you transportation money, but it also relieves the burden of actually needing to know certain directions and routes to reach destinations.