Dubai Rose Tower

The philosophy behind much of what the Dubai travel industry has been doing in recent years is one of big gestures and exciting innovations. With many of the other potential tourist hot spots in the world having had a considerable head start in terms of infrastructure, Dubai has been forced to think of another way to compete with those cities, and one that does not require a call on the history of the city – something on which Dubai will never compete with the likes of London. The building of the Burj al-Arab back in the middle of this century was one example of Dubai’s policy of big statements, and more recently we have seen another with the continued building of the Rose Tower. At present it is not open for business, but there is no doubt that when the doors open, the Rose will be of major interest to visitors.

The running of the hotel will be entrusted to major Middle Eastern hoteliers Rotana. This is a move which is expected to ensure that the experience for visitors is as good as it possibly can be. The Rotana group has been running hotels in Dubai and other cities for some considerable time now, so the Dubai travel scene knows what it will get with them running a project of such scope. Maximising the number of visitors who come through the doors when the Rose Rotana – as it will be officially referred to when it opens – will be a very important aspect of keeping it profitable, given the amount of money which has gone into its purchase.

Dubai Rose TowerWhatever else one may think about the Rose, it is a real symbol of ambition in a world that prizes ambition and grand gestures above just about anything else. A newly built hotel in this day and age needs to have something about it that differentiates it from the crowd. Without that, it will simply be part of the middling, unimpressive herd – or at least it will be perceived as such in a world where perceptions are considered to be as valuable as the truth, if not more so. There is even a political importance attached to the building of such landmarks. The Dubai travel industry is conscious of efforts being made elsewhere to build something that Dubai does not have yet. Even in a city as “non-capitalist” as Pyongyang, efforts are back underway to build a hotel that will make the rest of the world sit back and take notice of something beyond the militaristic.

Dubai, from this point of view, needs to stay on its toes, and this involves creating consistent improvement in its own tourism sector. Dubai Rose Tower means that it remains the city which is putting up the most impressive developments. Just as people are falling over themselves to book rooms in the Burj al-Arab now, they will be keen to secure reservations at the Rose Tower for some time after it opens. The Dubai travel industry is one of the most important in the world, with so much domestic and foreign investment attracting attention and cash beyond what we once would have imagined.