Dubai Villas

Whether you are moving to Dubai, or you are looking for a place to stay when visiting for business or leisure purposes, it can be a daunting experience, if you don’t have the necessary recommendations or you don’t do an initial research. In Dubai though, villas and apartments exist in abundance, not only because Dubai is among the top destinations globally for tourists, but also because the expatriate population of the Emirates and Dubai in particular, is increasing dramatically at the last few years. Most of the Europeans and Americans who live in Dubai are corporate businessmen and of course demand for high quality rentals.

Dubai VillasDubai residents and expats spend the 20-30% of their monthly salary in villas renting , because this is the safest way to enjoy a more secluded and private life, away from the bustling centre and the frantic rhythm of life in the Emirates and Dubai in particular. It is more than expected in Dubai to take that cost , especially since most of the Dubai villas are located either at Jumeirah or at the Palm, offering amazing view and experience to the residents.

The same rule applies to all travelers as well. Despite the fact that most of the visitors know already that there is an array of luxurious and elegant resorts in Dubai, with state of the art services and amenities, some of them, especially those who can afford it, tend to look for villas, because of the privacy and the elegance they ensure. Usually there are particular agencies that can give you specific information of the available villas for rent, and arrange your stay to the full, with a commission of 5% or less of the daily rate. In most of the cases there is a minimum stay of 5 nights or even a week, and depending on the amount of nights there might be a comprehensive reduction in prices as well.

Although most of the villas can be found in Jumeirah, there is a wide selection in many districts of Dubai, as there are corporate and business travelers, celebrities and politicians coming for business, and wish to stay closer to a particular commercial or entertaining venue.

Barhoud, is the district located at a short distance from the International Airport of Dubai, which offers villas and apartments in very affordable prices. Villas here are not as luxurious as in other parts, but are fully equipped with all amenities needed for a traveler or short time tenant.

Mirdiff on the other hand, is also an area located close to the airport, but since it’s a new developing area, it consists of new and modern villas and apartments.

Bur Dubai is the place where most expats from the Middle-East and Far-East reside, thus the apartments and villas are kind of older and cheaper, however there are many modern and stylish villas for those who want to stay in the heart of Dubai.

Jumeirah is of course the place to be when looking for villas, as this is the place where parks, beaches and lush greenery attract the numerous tourists and visitors. Villas here are upscale offering state of art services and marvelous interior and exterior design. There is no chance that you won’t find what you need in Dubai, especially if heading to Jumeirah, a place where an unforgettable time is promised.