Al Mulla Plaza Dubai

Al Mulla Plaza is the oldest shopping mall in Dubai. It is located at the round-a-about which separates it from Sharjah, and it is equidistant from both Sharjah and Dubai. The mall which has been in business for more than twenty five years has been a witness to the city of Dubai’s phenomenal economic growth. Keeping in view the expansion of the city and the emergence of various new malls, the Al Mulla Plaza has taken up the challenge of competing with its peers. The mall has recently undergone massive internal renovations which gives it a new look and feel. The Al Mulla Plaza is one of the oldest malls and it is a landmark of Dubai.

Convenience, selectivity, and exclusivity are the basic elements which have attracted customers to this plaza. The Al Mulla Plaza is one of the oldest malls in Dubai which offers visitors and the local people an extremely satisfying experience. It is one of the oldest malls in Dubai for which reason it is visited by all visitors. The mall has undergone alterations and the old look has given way to the new look. The old exteriors and interiors have been replaced by contemporary designs and facades. The window display, lighting and ceilings have also been changed to match the interiors and exteriors. The main entrance has been replaced by automatic doors. The café has undergone a total change and an additional dining area has been added in.

A fountain has been newly installed to match the changed environment and ambience. Should you desire some respite from your shopping, there is nothing better than settling in the café areas to enjoy one of their tantalizing snacks and if you have the time you could settle for a more leisurely lunch.

When you visit the Al Mulla Plaza, make it a point to keep your eyes wide open. The plaza has shopping bonanzas, promotions, or lucky draws going throughout the year and if you are not watchful, you could miss out on these. It houses scores of local independent shops and stalls, and it is also home to a number of women’s fashion shops and jewelry stores. There are a number of shops which specialize in antique furniture – especially Peshawar furniture.

The Al Mulla Plaza is one of the oldest malls in the city of Dubai and could be called a pioneer in introducing the mall culture in the city. It is a place where you can let yourself go and no holds barred – whether it is shopping or dining. There is a large parking area so you do not have to struggle finding a parking slot. When it comes to shopping, families find all their needs fulfilled here, and therefore people think of no other place but Al Mulla Plaza. The absolutely pleasant atmosphere and the friendly shop owners and their assistants make it a wonderful experience to shop at Al Mulla Plaza. When you have all these facilities before you, who would think of going anywhere else for shopping in Dubai?