Dubai Diamond Jewellery

When it comes to Dubai diamond jewellery, the first and main thing that can come to your mind is exclusivity. This word smartly melts together the words beauty, uniqueness and sky high prices. Of course, Dubai diamond jewellery is still among the most affordable here in Dubai than elsewhere in the world. So let’s see one great example for exclusive diamond jeweller, which is none other than the Mahallati Jewellery.

Diamond jewellery belongs to the type of the most expensive jewellery ever. Diamonds have their unique clean look, their extreme shine and their wonderful desings that makes them much more desired than any other type of jewellery. Dubai royalties have an extremely high interest in getting the most beautiful diamond jewellery and Dubai is the place where Arabic and Indian jewellery making traditions meet. As many other things, jewellery has its roots in India. India was the very first country that started making jewellery out of gold and it had also first started to produce diamond and gemstone jewellery. Thanks to the Muslim Mughal empires, Indian and Islamic-Arabic arts have so much in common. Therefore, Indian style jewellery has always been favoured in Dubai among others and traditional Indian and Arabic jewellery sets have much in common. One of the finest examples for this is the beautiful Dubai diamond jewellery collection of Mahallati Jewellery. Mahallati Jewellery has been one of the top Dubai jewellers for quite a while and if you see some of their collections of beautiful Dubai diamond jewellery including the usage of other beautiful gemstones, you will see why. Each one of their collections include highly beautiful unique forms and outlooks. The Mahallati jewellery beautifully melts together the Arabic and Indian traditions of jewellery making. Their products also represent lots of unique jewellery. They are the makers of the most exclusive diamond and gemstone jewellery which for sure will be the centre of attention when worn by someone.

Mahallati was established as a family business, its founder being Abdul Karim Mahallati who had started its first jewellery making business when he was only 16 years old. He had reached his goals on the Dubai diamond jewellery market, to become one of the best, thanks to his always high quality standards which placed his collection above most others. The other factor is the unique ways of jewellery designs at Mahallati. For sure, if you want to buy jewellery from them, there is no way that it would have any mediocre in it. Therefore, the clientele of Mahallati are the Dubai and the UAE royalties as well as Indian royalties. Mahallati has its main jewellery manufacturing factory in Bangkok Thailand where experts with more than 20 years of experience are the ones who manufacture their outstanding pieces that later become Dubai diamond jewellery. Mahallati Jewellery has currently 10 stores all around Dubai with plans on opening even more. They are present in the Gold Souk of Dubai and also have their stores strategically at the best places and shopping malls.

If you want to see the highest quality diamond jewellery in Dubai, then don’t hesitate to visit one store of Mahallati Jewellery because they for sure will represent you with the highest quality Dubai diamond jewellery.