Dubai Gold Shops

Dubai is world famous for its excellent gold shopping possibilities. In Dubai, you cannot really go past a block of building in the downtown without catching glimpse of a jewellery store. The whole city is stuffed with jewellery stores and all of them live happily next to each other thanks to the demand being so big and most of them having an entirely different profile.

First, several jewelleries have been specialised being top retailers. The biggest Dubai jewellery retailer is without question the Damas brand. Damas is the only gold shopping place where you can get to see the highest variety of gold and all sorts of gemstones in three different sorts of stores with Damas being the only one, which uses this strategy in order to differentiate and to attract more attention from the various sorts of customers. Damas is the retailer of about twenty different brands among which we must highlight Tiffany and Co. by far the biggest ever business for Damas. Other than that several quality, luxury watch brands are retailed by this important brand in Dubai, just like the Vacheron Constantin or the Parmigiani luxury watch brands.

Dubai gold shopping possibilities are the closes to being limitless when it comes to all those places, all those great and unique jewellery stores that attract the customers with their different designs and strategies. Other great player on the market is an Indian brand called Pure Gold Jewellers, which in the past few years has managed to open about a dozen stores in the area of Dubai. Pure Gold is retailer of several, mainly Indian brands that are all great quality jewellery brands. Pure Gold has been smart to see one tiny lack of the Dubai jewellery market, which is the offering of a wider range of jewellery made out of platinum, and its great quality diamond rings have had a great effect.

Among the best brands with the biggest quality offers on their own, we can enlist many great types of jewellery. Jewelleries such as Devji Aurum that has some of the most beautiful and unique luxury jewellery on offer for customers or the Taiba jewellery has indeed some of the biggest variety of gold jewellery on offer. Yet its collections lack the force of diamond and other precious gemstones from which perspective they would need some change, but by far Taiba is considered the best gold jewelleries in Dubai, excellent for shopping gold, it’s one of the very few which also offer traditional Muslim jewellery for women. Other special brand to mention which gives you great chance for diamond and gold shopping in Dubai is the Joyalukkas Jewellery, which definitely deals with some of the best quality gold ware and who is also retailer of a few great brands, among which its MASAAKI pearl collection is one of the most outstanding. Joyalukkas is among the very first Indian –Dubai jewelleries who could establish a huge market both in Dubai and in India. Joyalukkas, based in Chennai India, has just opened the biggest diamond showroom in the world there.

There are only some of the most notable brands worth mentioning on the first place when it comes to quality gold shopping in Dubai. Here there are several magnificent gold shops, just like the Gold Souk of Deira, one of the biggest gold souks in the world or the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park.