Dubai Handbags

Mall of the Emirates is the second biggest shopping mall of Dubai, which is probably as famous as the huge Dubai Mall. This shopping mall is very special, as you will see for multiple reasons. Mall of the Emirates is currently the second biggest target for all fashion lovers who would like to browse between great luxury goods and accessories, such as handbags yet its attraction is not solely limited to shopping. Let`s see though what does the mall have to offer for all the shoppers looking for great luxury handbags.
Mall of the Emirates is located in the downtown of New Dubai at a great central part that is easy to find and has great public transportation facilities. The huge mall used to be the biggest and most famous mall of Dubai till the constructions of Dubai Mall have finished, yet the Mall of the Emirates has such qualities which make it probably the same famous as the Dubai Mall. Not only its great choice of luxury goods, like handbags make the mall a great place but also its alone standing facility, the Ski Dubai which is a covered place where you can in fact really ski, a little bit of winter in the land of nonstop summer. We cannot really imagine how much this great place counts for Dubai locals, till we see it with our own eyes. From the shopping mall, you can catch sight of the skiers without entering the winter complex. Also, the mall has other fantastic things to offer, with its 300 shops, its Carrefour and its great department store the Harvey Nichols.
Apart from Harvey Nichols, there are tons of elite brand stores to be found in the Mall of the Emirates where you can browse some of the best luxury handbags of Dubai: Escada, Dior, Missoni, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta which is probably the most elite brand of luxury handbags in the world, Braccialini, Burberry, Bvlgari and we could go on. At Harvey Nichols, you can browse the handbags of some of the best brands many of which you can only find over there. These include Proenza Shouler, Chloe, Helmut Lang, Vivienne Westwood, Yves St. Laurent, Alexander Wang or Stella Mc Cartney.
For those who cannot afford to buy these very expensive handbags, yet love the prĂȘt a porter stores, we can suggest to visit the stores of some of the best street style brands such as Promod, Mango, Juicy Couture, Monsoon, Pimkie, Stradivarius or St. John among many others. If you are looking for something exclusive and authentic, don`t hesitate to look around in the stores of Arabic fashion as well. You may not know much about these brands, but once you buy your handbags in one of these stores, you can be sure, when going home, your handbag will really stand out from the crowd.
As you see, when it comes to shopping Mall of the Emirates is really one of the best shopping malls of Dubai which in the same time is also one of the most beautiful ones really more than worth visiting, no matter if you are looking for handbags or other quality products. Yet, for the hunters of luxury handbags, Mall of the Emirates is probably the best place in Dubai.