Luxury Cars Dubai

The first, and most important, fact that anyone who is considering car shopping in Dubai should know is that vehicles can only be purchased by those holding a valid residence visa. This means you should be spending a significant portion of the year in Dubai, usually using it as your main residence. There are different restrictions on the residency visa depending on your country of origin, but the fact remains that you cannot legally own a car, nor can you register a new one, in Dubai without having a residence visa.

That aside, shopping for luxury cars in Dubai can be fantastic fun. In a city renowned for the wealth of it’s residence, there is no shortage of suppliers offering a vast array of choice for the luxury car shopper. Prices are, generally, good for the well-known manufacturers. They tend to be a little more than buying the same vehicle in the UK or United States would be, but significantly less that it would cost to buy the same car from countries such as France or Germany. Depending on where you are coming from, the prices of luxury cars in Dubai will either seem similar to what you know, or cheap.

The most popular models of cars tend to be Japanese or Eastern in origin, such as Toyota, Hyundai or Mercedes. This is largely due to the heat of Dubai; cars from Eastern countries are more designed for extreme heat and are therefore more durable in the middle of the desert. The least popular brands are unfortunately those that produce some of the most stunning luxury cars; names such as Lambourghini and Ferrari are rarely seen on the streets of Dubai, due to the somewhat temperamental nature of their engines in the heat.

Dubai Luxury CarsThe key to car shopping in Dubai is to think around the heat. The heat and sunlight is all encompassing and every decision you make when buying a luxury car in Dubai must be based around these issues. For example, a black car may be the epitome of style and luxury, but in the Dubai heat it will quickly become a torture chamber. There are a huge amount of white cars in Dubai, and for good reasons.

The color scheme also applies to the interior, with again lighter colors being vastly preferable. There are many cases every year of car owners in Dubai receiving second-degree burns from the heat generated by a car interior if the vehicle has been sitting in the sun; leather, of course, is rarely seen.

All of this may mean you need to be rethink what you call a luxury car. Brands like Hyundai and Toyota are not exactly known for their luxury pedigree, yet they are incredibly popular in Dubai. You may feel you wish to shun the dictated issues of the heat and purchase a black, leather-seated Porshe, but you’ll regret it the moment the sun hits it – no matter how good the air conditioning is meant to be!

Mercedes is a very popular brand in Dubai, and offer perhaps the best meeting of the world of the luxury car buyer and the necessary caution needed in extreme temperatures. Models such as the S Class are extremely high specification and will delight any gadget lover; the S Class was the first car to have anti-lock brakes, power steering and a heated windscreen – all things which soon became standard in the average family hatchback.

Luxury car shopping in Dubai may not be as you know it, but you’ll soon learn to respect the heat and buy your car accordingly.