Pure Gold Jewellery

Over the last few decades, jewellery has adopted some of the unique experimentation by blending some of the metals. Yet, diamond and gold did not lose its charm. The frequency of its sale remains the same and nothing has replaced its set standards. However, buying an authentic diamond and gold has always been a keen interest for the buyer. Dubai is a place that offers the finest gold in the world. This is the reason it has been known as the city of gold. Pure gold is one such brand that offers the dazzling range of jewellery over the last two decades.

The brand Pure Gold is active in manufacturing jewellery, sunglasses and offers its services in Dubai. It is the brand excellence in all fields that people are blindly ready to spend their money on its lavishing jewellery. Pure Gold promises to present you some of the unique and innovative collection. Its wide range of collection includes baby blings that is obvious from the name that it is specifically designed for the lovely little girls. The bridal collection presents some of the everlasting designs that truly interpret the true feelings of bride. Another brand of Pure Gold is Carino that shows a magnificent placement of diamonds on its jewellery.

The eternal designs of Pure Gold can be viewed in the collection of eternity that leaves an everlasting effect. Illusion is the collection that perfectly creates an illusion in the perception of its buyer by presenting the dazzling and sparkling diamonds. Musaico and Murano are the two brands of Pure Gold Jewellery that are inspired from Italian theme and present some of the excellent handcrafted jewellery. Omri is a rare design collection that witnesses the unique placement of stones and diamonds in ascending or descending order. Oystra is a brand of Pure Gold that is famous for white gold embellished with pearls. The placement of pearl in this jewellery reminds us of the beauty of moon.

Some of the other brands of Pure Gold are its pure collection of gold and diamond categorized as pure 18k, pure diamond, and pure silver. The Pure collection of diamonds has some of the best work in solitaire and trillium. Each piece reflects the mastery and quality of not only its design but the durability of the material used in its manufacturing.

Apart from its availability in the duty free shops, Pure Gold has managed to open many outlets in Dubai and other cities of the UAE. It is the popularity and trust of the brand that there are almost more than 15 stores in Dubai. Yet the most popular store is there in Dubai Mall. Competing with all the other brands of jewellery, it has organized to appeal a large number of clients even in the presence of some of the world’s renowned brands.