Shopping in Dubai

The majestic city of Dubai filled with rich historic cultural, where contrasting traditional and modern technology aspects merged is also a shopping destination or even the shopping capital of the whole of the Middle East. Dubai is certainly attractive for visitors not only because it features countless of diverse items on sale but it is also tax free!

Shopping in DubaiThere is also the famous Dubai Shopping Festival which is held yearly usually in the month of January. During this time special items are for sales and discounts are given even on hotel packages and airline tickets. The event also features a beautiful fireworks display and some shows and events related to the traditional heritage Dubai has. Shoppers coming from all parts of the world rush into malls trying to find items they want and the best deals probable.

Dubai shopping will take you inside the decorated luxurious malls of the city. Highly adorned with the texture of old and new, traditional and modern, most of these malls are equipped with the latest facilities so guests could shop in comfort and luxury.

For those who want to experience real bargaining the traditional way, you may want to go visit the souk areas. These are the conventional Arabic market areas. The gold souk situated in Deira is perhaps the most popular souk. It is very near the Hyatt Regency. This souk sells other things than gold, but it is what most shoppers go for to buy there. The souk is a famous tourist destination even for those who don’t wish to buy gold, aside from being historic, it is also a marvel to see so much gold put together in one area.

Bargaining for the best deals, especially in souks, may even require a bit of psychology or mind-game. It is best to look as if you are not that interested on the item you want to buy. Look as if it doesn’t concern you much whether you get the item or not. Try to ask for a best offer, once given, retract as if you are leaving; this act will most probably push the seller to give you better terms as now he is the one bargaining that you buy his or her item. Don’t be shy to negotiate for bargains as it is part of the whole ordeal on a Dubai shopping spree. Negotiating does not obligate you to buy the item.

For those wanting to have rugs and carpets, the best place to shop for it in Dubai is at the Sharjah’s Central Market. Although not recommended, there are also some areas which offer imitations. There is a grave effort to put this to a halt but it is still unstoppable.

Dubai shopping is not complete without visiting the food souks. This may range from cooked dishes to raw meat, vegetables and fruits, and of course, a wide assortment of spices from the Middle East.

There are a lot more places to visit to get the best deals for items you want or maybe items not normally available in your country. Dubai shopping is certainly an important part of your visit to this exciting city.