Wafi City Mall Dubai

The Wafi City Mall is located in the heart of Dubai which has an amazing collection of food, fashion, art, and entertainment. It is the shopping mall area of the Wafi City complex and is considered as one of the most beautiful shopping areas in Dubai. It was opened in the year 2001 which now has over 200 shops, 60 international retail outlets, restaurants, and two floors of covered parking. Without a doubt, it is an awe-inspiring place and is believed to be the most elegant shopping mall in Dubai. It features fashion accessories, electronics, household accessories, home furnishings, leather goods and gifts. The Wafi City Mall is definitely sure to have something for everyone.

Wafi Citi Mall DubaiThe construction of the Wafi City Mall is based on an ancient Egyptian theme. The mall has three atriums through which you get natural light from pyramid-shaped ceilings. Two of the atriums consist of colored stained glass with illustrations of farmers, hunters, wrestlers, scribes, and priests from the time of the Pharaohs. There are also illustrations of the Pharaohs, the Gods of the Pharaohs, birds and animals such as bulls, birds, ducks, jackals and crocodiles. The Egyptian theme is prevalent throughout the complex in the shape of statues, columns, and mosaic floors. The mall has been extended several times since it opened and there has been some development in recent times also.

The Wafi City Mall houses a family entertainment center, a roller blade skating rink, Encounter Zones, virtual reality simulators, a 3D animation theatre, and a crystal maze. It is one of the favorite venues for events and exhibitions in Dubai. During Christmas, they have a huge Christmas tree, and they even create artificial snow.

Whatever be your choice of shopping – fashion apparels, jewelry, accessories, electronics, home furnishings or carpets – the Wafi City Mall is the place for it. You can be assured of the standard of quality or the pricing, as you will be given a fair deal. It is the policy of the mall to sell only genuine goods.

The Wafi City Mall houses one of Dubai’s most exciting family entertainment zones called the Encounter Zone. This Encounter Zone which caters to children and adults alike is divided into two separate areas called Galactica and Lunarland. The Galactica tempts youngsters with the famous Crystal Maze, 3-D Animation theatre, an indoor roller-blading area and a ‘live’ horror show. In the Lunarland, you would find a children’s toy shop called the Imaginarium with a collection of traditional toys, and where they even have a kid’s size door.

If you feel like going out with the boys, head for the Pyramids complex. They have excellent bars and restaurants. They even have a club and a spa. The recent additions to the Wafi City Mall are the new 5-star Raffles Dubai Hotel, an underground car park, and 90 new shops.

You could say the Wafi City Mall is the perfect blend for shopping, entertainment, and dining – a perfect way for the whole family to spend the evening.  It is a must-location if you are interested in quality shopping. There are only two things to tell you. Indulge in shopping to your heart’s content and pamper yourself at any of the mall’s restaurants or cafes.