Wild Wadi Dubai

Theme parks have evolved a new approach in the world of entertainment. People spend hours in such theme parks to make the most of their day. Such theme parks are managing to attract a large number of visitors and contributing enormously in tourism. When it comes to high rate of tourism, Dubai is a city that witness record-breaking tourists each year. To entertain them, Dubai is also known as the grand city having many fun theme parks. Wild Wadi theme park is originated on the theme of Juha, the traditional Arabian tale character. The best maintenance of the ride is ensured in this fun filled park.

The major attractions of the Wild Wadi theme park are its huge slides that give the absolute surfing fun. Waves of Fun create the real waves in water that gives the immense pleasure of boarding in the waves. A huge ton of water released every second ensures the best experience of fun. The journey of relaxing fun gives the fun of lazy rides as well as the relaxing flow from high meter slides through the Juha adventure. Water guns and racing slides are the true needs of adventurous kids, and kids’ friendly fun has it all to offer in Wild Wadi Dubai. For all the professional divers and swimmers who need the extreme in water adventure, daring fun is the perfect choice of ride for them.

Wild Wadi amusement park is known for its exciting events that are carried on gradually over a small period. These events serve as the themes to be followed and bring unique ideas to refresh the ideology of providing fun in the park. Ladies night is the latest event in that no man is allowed and ladies are free to enjoy all the fun under the supervision of female instructors. Not only the Wild Wadi Dubai serves as a source of entertainment, but it is also running a club that provides the professional assistance of flow boarding. The club has the professional staff and teaches the expertise and skills required for this thrilling sport.

There are enormous promotional packages at this Dubai water park that will help the wallet to let you play the most. The exciting packages ensure to provide the best packages according to the season and holidays. The passes and promotional programs can be easily accessible and brings high motivation to avail the true adventure offered by the Wild Wadi water park.

To ensure to avail the maximum fun, park has defined a specific set of rules. Not only the written agenda, but the staff also offers to teach simple rules to get to know the dos and don’ts of surfing and playing in the water. Special packages and deals are offered for the groups planning for the visit and the Wild Wadi accompanies them with the professional staff for their true experience of joy and adventure. The ultimate adventure experience is also accompanied by the delicious food and shopping that can indulge you for hours. The unique fish spa gives the true experience of relaxation.