Dubai Family Vacation

Try to imagine you and your family are having your vacation in a place where the sun is abundant; the beaches are one of a kind while the sky is almost as blue as the ocean. You might want to enjoy playing in a world class yet affordable golf course or sit near some dignitaries while eating your dinner, these are all possible only at Dubai. If you choose this place, then surely you will get the best of your Dubai family vacation.

Wild Wadi DubaiYou might be thinking that Dubai is not the best place for family vacation, but on the other hand it is actually a fascinating and have all entertaining option to any of your family members. Your family could enjoy the ravishingly beautiful beaches of the Wild Water Park, they can play and enjoy together under the heat of the sun as long as your family like. If you like to shop, then the Mall of the Emirates is the place for you. Also, do not leave the mall if you cannot experience its indoor snowboarding and ski slope. Imagine a country where the sun is abundant but yet you can enjoy the fun that is usually found only in cold countries. In Dubai the sky is not the limit, you will have the chance to reach the skies by riding from the hot air balloons. There are also a lot of sporting and music events that will make your Dubai family vacation one of a kind. All these you can find in Dubai.

So, if you choose to have your family vacation in Dubai, these important tips will help you.

– Do not forget that the custom here is different from where you come from, always remind your female companions to dress appropriately, if you are in a place where people are mostly around. But of course you can wear your swimwear if you want to enjoy the beach or use the pool in your hotel.
– The electricity in Dubai is 220V, so if you are from countries that uses 110 volts, then you should bring with you, voltage regulator or converter, else you may choose to buy it in Dubai while you are having your shopping spree.
– When you dine in Dubai, you do not need to give a tip because your bill has already an added service charge.
– If you own an international driving license, then you can rent a car and drive yourself around the city or anywhere you like. To rent a car, just present your license, passport, and two identification cards. This will make your Dubai family vacation a lot better and have the chance to choose when and where you want to go.
– In Dubai the sun is abundant; it is advisable to bring only clothes suited to its weather condition.
– It is important to know that local business in Dubai only opens half day on the weekend. Shopping malls and other stores are open 24/7 and sometimes close an hour before midnight.

In Dubai expect to be astonished and mesmerized by the beauty of the desert oasis. Dubai is the place for you and your family to relax and enjoy the luxury life. We assure you that your Dubai family vacation will be amongst the vacation you will always cherish for life.