Dubai Luxury Travel

What is luxury travel? Well, it is traveling with extravagance and comfort. Everyone wants to travel once in while in luxury and to enjoy the comfort life can bring. So if you plan for a luxury travel, then Dubai luxury travel will give you the best luxury travel you ever wanted.

It is only in Dubai that you may witness three man-made islands called the Three Palms. It was named Three Palms because the shape is like of a palm tree. The three islands are one of the amazingly beautiful addition to Dubai’s very well develop city. The islands are the following: Jumeriah which focuses on hotels, Jebel Ali for leisure and entertainment, and Deira for residential use. These three islands alone can give you a taste of living a life with luxury.

Dubai is also proud of having built one of the tallest buildings. When you reach at the top most part of Burj Dubai, you will be able to witness the greatness of Dubai and what the city can offer you to enjoy the most of your Dubai luxury travel. But the luxury you are enjoying will not stop there; Dubai has still many to offer. One of the most well attended parts of Dubai is the spice souks and gold souks. You can buy any spice you want in the spice souk including the two most famous, cinnamon and frankincense. In the gold souk you will enjoy the glittering treasures and if you opt to buy one for remembrance, there are a lot to choose from.

Luxury Dubai TravelYour luxury travel in Dubai will not be completed if you will not include in your itinerary visiting the amazingly cool desert oasis. You may explore the desert using a four-wheel drive car of do it the natural way, riding a camel and have fun. You should also try to the sand board and ski or if you are afraid of the sand, you might as well stick to other sports like archery or falconry.

To complete your Dubai luxury travel, do not forget to visit the museums. You will see in the museums the treasures found during the digs. Here, you will also see the Dubai creek which is historic and worthy to be visited. The Bur Dubai is a part of the creek where you can see the Grand Mosque Dubai is located. The mosque is the largest in United Arab Emirates; it has 45 domes and is able to accommodate 1200 devotees. It will be very spectacular to see the Grand Mosque Dubai at night when the lights are on.

The best months to visit Dubai are on the months of April and November, this is the time when the weather is fairly warm. It is advisable for everyone to follow the “code of conduct”, especially in the month where Ramadan is being observed.

When you wish to enjoy Dubai luxury travel make sure that you will travel with comfort and good service. Start your travel right, book for business class and when you reach Dubai, stay in one of the many luxurious hotels. To make things easy for you, plan ahead and choose a travel agency that can give you the best luxury travel in going to Dubai. Make a luxurious travel once in awhile and make Dubai the place for you to enjoy the luxury of life.