Dubai Travel Guide

Known throughout the world for its dynamic way of living and explicit taste is Dubai which is located in Middle East of Asia. It belongs to the United Arab Emirates, one of seven. A Dubai travel can offer someone with magnificent experience filled with excitement due to diverse destination spots and activities. Dubai can offer breathtaking sceneries, cultural and historical attractions, busy street and business community and a technological wonders for the new modern world. Shopping at various malls and souks is also a great way to enjoy your Dubai travel.

Dubai has an arid sub-tropical climate which can at times reach 40 degrees Celsius and high humidity values. For your Dubai travel, in between the months of October up to April is perfect timing.

There are many attractions to be seen in Dubai and numerous exciting activities. One activity which can prove to be fulfilling would be a desert safari. What better way to experience the Middle East than a desert safari? Moving away from the bustling city of Dubai, this adventure takes you the sand dunes of the desert. A 4WD vehicle such as a Toyota Land Cruiser is the vehicle of choice. From the city, the trip to the desert usually takes less than an hour. Upon reaching the desert, you can have the ultimate roller coaster ride of your life driving around, up and down the desert dunes.Taking of photographs is also a must to preserve the special exhilarating moments. Witnessing sunset against the desert dunes is totally different majestic experience. After long hours of desert dune driving, camel rides by the campsite is also amusing. After which you’ll have an Arabian barbeque buffet dinner, drink coffee or tea and may even witness a belly dancer dancing to Arabic music under the night sky by a bonfire in the desert. For rest, you may settle inside traditional Bedouin tents. That is Dubai travel indeed.

In other parts of the world, snow is the medium for skiing and snow boarding. In your Dubai travel, you may experience almost the same thrill, on sand! Sand Skiing and Sand Boarding are some other activities you might want to try. This is usually done in the desert slopes and dunes.

Dubai is also known as the fastest growing city in the world. The traditional outdoor activities in the desert and historic cultures in contrast to Dubai’s high paced technological environment make it very interesting.

Having the only seven star hotel in the world, man made beaches, odd shaped skyscrapers that seem to defy traditional architecture, Dubai is truly hard to match. There are numerous hotels in Dubai with rates starting from affordable to unbelievable.

The rules and traditions of the Muslim world is very well honored and followed in Dubai therefore it is best to research on them before embarking on a Dubai travel. You could try several internet sites which offer such information and travel agencies which can give you the best rates offering various options as to where you’ll stay, where you will go and what activities you want to do during your Dubai travel.