Getting Around Dubai

Dubai is the most modern place and the most popular travel destination among the seven emirates of the UAE. The travel takes five hrs from Europe and three hrs from other Middle-East countries and India, which makes Dubai a break for shopping, enjoying sport events, and resting on luxurious hotels. Dubai is located on the coast strip and it is essentially a desert. It becomes very hot at certain climates. Summers are dryer and hotter. Cooler days and more pleasant weather begin from the beginning of November to the month of May. In months may to September, the sun is very hot and the temperature reaches to 45 degrees Celsius.

Getting Around DubaiHow to reach Dubai? Getting to Dubai by plane is the best way to consider. There are many airports in Dubai to choose. Depending on the budget for Dubai travel package, the choices are wide.

Dubai International Airport
This is the best place to consider if it is shopping vacation. In fact, you may miss your flight just by shopping. The Terminal is very busy especially at the peak hours typically around the midnight. The immigration queue can be big and even very difficult to get a seat. There are three terminals; terminals 1 and 3 have a bus transport facility, whereas to reach terminal 2, taxis are the only option. Alcohol is very cheap in this airport.

Sharjah International Airport
This airport is situated at the Sharjah emirate. This is expanding to meet the demands on air supplies. It is just a half an hour ride off the road from Dubai and has been constantly increasing its international number of flights. The low cost carrier, Air-Arabia is the prominent carrier of this airport. The airport is self sufficient with basic features.

By Car
The only international border Dubai shares are with Oman in Al Wajajah. The visitors do not need any permit to enter. The OMR charge is 3.000 per vehicle and the entry receipt is required during return journey since it will be used to reenter. The Temporary UAE insurance for the vehicle can be purchased at an optimal price at the borders. The insurance is required to be valid in the UAE.

By Boat
The visitors may have to arrange their way to reach Dubai from the Indian Ocean route with the ship captain. As of now, a ship leaves every second day from the Port Rashid to Dubai. Traveling around the Persian Gulf takes roughly 6 hours. The tickets cost are around $2000 or 950,000 INR. This requires the passengers to carry a three months visa that is worth 1,550,000 INR.

Getting around Dubai: By Taxi
Taxi system is quite unpopular in Dubai. It is not easy to find a taxi on road during the peak season time. They are available only at the taxi queue at the malls. The booked taxi system works very poorly. They do not arrive on time sometimes. Therefore, for taxi needs, it is better to book a hotel taxi, estimate their traffic, and reach to the destination. The best way to travel is to take a bus. The demand exceeds too much to the supplies. Sometimes, taxi drivers do not take short rides due to congested areas.

By Bus
Bus system is very cheap and easy to travel around the districts in Dubai. The map on the routes and buses is available online. Sometimes public buses are infrequent to some places. Otherwise, they are cheap and effective mode of transport.

By Car
There are numerous Dubai rent-a-car agencies. They can give a car on rent just with very cheap rentals and very little paper works. Some agencies require international driving license. Sometimes it may not be needed. Some agencies arrange cars along with the drivers, in which case, it is easier for the visitor to travel around.

Dubai time is 4 hours ahead of the UK time. Taking a trip to the desert – driving up and down the sand in a four-wheeler is adventurous. Clothes, jewels, electronic goods, and camera are cheap to buy at the Dubai shopping malls. So with this Dubai travel guide, you are ready for travel.