Desert Safari

If you travel to Qatar, then you must go on a desert safari in Qatar – it is a must see for its thrill and real adventure. The desert safaris in Qatar offer tourists an opportunity to delve into and unravel the mysteries of the desert. Tourists who have adventure in their minds and keen for some excitement should take the desert safari. A day in the middle of the desert with only nature for company is a splendid and exciting way to spend the day.

When you go on a desert safari, do go well prepared. When you are on such a safari, you will see huge sand dunes and it is most essential to have an experienced driver with you, or you will end up marooned and all alone in the sand dunes. See that you have an air-conditioned four-wheel drive ATV which will make your trip safe, secure, and exciting. Be sure that you take adequate quantities of water and check to see if your car is equipped with a mobile phone. It would be very useful if you get lost in the desert.

If you are going on a desert safari, most of the year you can wear light summer clothes, but you may need to wear light jackets for the winter months. Have a good pair of sunglasses and a good hat to protect you from the harsh glare of the sunlight.

Should you go on a desert safari in Qatar, do not miss the opportunity of seeing the sunrise or sunset – it is very rarely that you get to get to see such a beautiful scene. The safari is also filled with many exciting activities like camel riding and wadi bashing.

Qatar Desert SafariThe desert safari normally takes half a day and you are taken 75 kms across the Southern Qatari desert. The last 45 kms of the trip is totally exciting and the tourist is acquainted with the desert and the sand dunes. When you doing a desert safari, watch how the expert drivers deftly handle their four wheel drives when the sand dunes give way to a sudden 60 feet fall. Some of their maneuvers can bring your heart to your mouth, and if you are subject to blood pressure and panic attacks, you had best stay away from this tour. The roller coaster ride on the sand dune is something that you cannot forget in a life time.

You can make your trip more enjoyable by spending a night in the desert. Choose the overnight desert safari and take in all the pleasures of the desert. A 4W vehicle will pick you up from your hotel and go towards south Qatar for a stopover at one of the beach resorts. The drivers will take you dune bashing on the sand dunes. You will now be taken to a desert campsite near the sea. If you desire to ride the ship of the desert – the camel- you can do so. Relax and do what you please –swim, sunbathe, play volley ball, do sand boarding, or just lie there and take in the peace and tranquility of the desert. Eat the barbeque hot meal prepared by the chef. Savor the food in the traditional style with your hands in the Bedouin tents. Look at the stars and go to bed. Wake up to a beautiful sunrise, enjoy an excellent breakfast and drive back to Doha.