Dhow Cruising in Qatar

A dhow is a traditional Arab sailing vessel with one or more sails. These dhows normally move along the coasts of Arabia, Pakistan, India, and East Africa. The earlier dhows made journeys between the Persian Gulf and East Africa for trade. They moved with sails using the help of the wind – they sailed south in winter or early spring and returned back in late spring or summer. Dhow cruising was well known from those days.

Dhow cruising is quite a popular activity in the region and Qatar is not an exception. A dhow is a traditional wooden merchant sailing vessel used by merchants in the olden days. Today’s dhow, while retaining the basic structure and design, has the latest ultramodern facilities for tourists to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant journey. Dhow cruising attracts a number of tourists to Qatar and this influx of tourists gives a big boost to the tourism industry. You can discover the real beauty of Qatar and Doha by taking a dhow cruise. The landmarks and prominent buildings of Doha stand out prominently in the moonlight.

Qatar Dhow CruisingThe popular tourist spot for dhow cruising is the Corniche Bay and the Palm Tree Island which is situated off the coast of Qatar. Dhow cruising also includes delicious meals served on board the dhow. The ideal time for a cruise is noontime, but many tourists prefer to go on a dinner cruise at night. You can have a leisurely dinner on the dhow after you watch the sun set into the waters of the Gulf. Keep these memories with you alive forever and treasure them. Dhow cruising offers a fascinating view of the beautiful city of Doha which is an amazing blend of the traditional and modern ways of life.

Take an evening cruise on the dhow along the Doha harbor and enjoy Doha by night. Watch the deep blue waters of the Gulf from the dhow stretching as far as the eye can see. When you are dhow cruising see the sun go down into the shimmering waters of the Gulf. Watch the beautiful lights along the Corniche and listen to the Arab music and enjoy the dance. The cruise will take you to Al Safliya Island where you can have a swim. You will be served an excellent buffet dinner with a choice of international and local traditional cuisines. The aroma of the barbeque being prepared on board will drive you mad. After dinner, you can have a leisurely trip back to Doha. The dhows are in reality floating restaurants. The dhow cruises of Qatar are something that are difficult for other countries to surpass.

When you go dhow cruising, it is essential for you to select a good tour operator. Most of the tour operators are good and maintain excellent dhows with ultramodern facilities and safety equipment. Some of the modern dhows would leave you dumbfounded. All the boats are equipped with mandatory safety equipment such as life rings, life jackets, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. Almost all the boats are fitted with modern methods of communication, including a two-way radio and a Global Positioning System (GPS) in case you lose your bearings.

What could be more romantic for a couple than a serene dinner cruise on a beautiful dhow listening to the sounds of the waves and having a glimpse of the illuminated souqs, shopping malls, and other buildings of the city. When you are in Qatar, do not forget to include dhow cruising in Doha as part of your schedule.