Qatar Nightlife

Qatar doe not boast of a vibrant or fascinating night life as seen in Western countries. There are many restrictions and regulations which affect the night life activities in Qatar as it is in other Arabian countries. Night life is enjoyed mostly by expats and tourists who are on a visit to Qatar. Many people come to enjoy Qatar nightlife at night clubs, pubs, bars and discos which are found throughout the city.

Religious restrictions are the main reasons for a constrained and lack-lustre night life in Qatar. The majorities of the inhabitants profess the Islamic religion and are forbidden to consume alcohol. Alcohol has been tolerated to non-Muslim expats residing in Qatar and they are eligible to receive liquor permits. Women are expected to dress traditionally and decently and they are not expected to mingle with strangers of the opposite sex. However, there are a few places where Qatar nightlife does make its presence felt.

Qatar NightlifeQatar nightlife will take you to many luxury hotels which dot the city and these are the main promoters of nightlife in the country. These hotels boast of in-house clubs that attract locals and tourists equally well. The Admirals Club at the Ritz-Carlton Doha is one of popular and well-known night clubs in Doha and men and women socialize here just as they do in the west.

One of the excellent spots in Qatar nightlife is StreetNoyz where a Filipino band is in attendance every night at the Sports Bar in the Ramada Hotel. The lead singer is a young man called ‘Fruit Boy’ who is accompanied by three young and beautiful ladies who act as backup singers and sometimes you can find them centerstage.

Another attractive place is the Diplomatic Club at the Al-Multaqa which has all the attractions of a British retreat. The cigars, liquors, fish, and chips are worth giving a try. There is another club called the Admirals at the Ritz. The seaside view, the excellent bar with the cocktails and vintage wines are something to be seen and tasted. This club is an absolutely fun place to relax after a hectic day. Should you prefer something sedate, try the Habanos Club at the Ritz – you will enjoy the Jazz and Cigar bar and you will appreciate the Reggae band which is in attendance. If you are lucky, you can see a live pianist playing.

Check out the Cloud Nyn Night Club at the Mewreb Hotel for a glimpse of Qatar nightlife. The La Paloma at the Hotel Intercontinental Doha is a great after-party place with a DJ and live music for you. The bar stocks your favorite wines and you can rock till late into the night.  You could also try the bar at the Sheraton which has live music to make you go wild. If you are feeling homesick and pining for home, step into the Aussie Legends at the Rydges Hotel. The ambience and the atmosphere is something that is going to put you into a rocking mood.

Do you feel like going to an English pub? Then, Qatar nightlife will show you just the place. Garvey’s is the right choice. You can have fish and chips, draught beer on tap, watch football or rugby on TV, and feel at home. Are you feeling like going Irish? Then step into the Irish Tavern – you will find expats here. If it is not your lucky day, be prepared to stand and wait for some time. You could also try the Orion, Bubbles C&C Bar, the Cigar Lounge, and the Old Manor.

Qatar nightlife has a lot to offer you. You will have to be patient and explore all the spots in the city. You will then be able to appreciate Qatar’s offerings.