Qatar Powerboat Racing

Powerboat racing is a dangerous, thrilling, and exciting sport. It is one of the extreme sports where you see dangerous and powerful ocean-going power boats participate in racing. The high cost of the boats and the large amounts of fuel required for running it, makes power boat racing a very expensive and privileged race – privileged for the few.

Powerboat racing is a very popular sport in the region and it is also popular in Qatar too, not only with the local residents but also with tourists. Qatar is a regular and popular venue for teams which take part in the Formula One Offshore powerboat racing competitions. Racing is in the blood of the participants and the enthusiasts who come to watch the race. The spectators go into frenzy when they see the powerboats reach a speed of almost 160 kms per hour.

Qatar Powerboat RacingPowerboat racing has placed Qatar on the world sports map and has helped promote sports in Qatar. This racing time is a festive time in the city and you see the entire city lit up and lively. There is a joy and excitement in the air when powerboat racing is organized in Qatar. The stretch of the water along the Corniche in Doha is where all the action is as some of the races are held here.

Powerboat racing in Qatar is an annual event and people turn up here from all parts of the world. Powerboat racing has also boosted Qatar’s tourism industry. The event gets a lot of support and encouragement from the government as well as sponsorship from public and private companies. What is worth mentioning is that an exclusive organization – the Qatar Marine Sports Federation has been set up to promote powerboat racing both within the country and throughout the world. The federation conducts world-class events in powerboat racing and encourages local talent to take part in international competitions. The federation does not charge any membership fees to enroll in the federation, but a registration fee is a must to take part in the events.

Whenever you are in Qatar when the powerboat racing event is taking place, do not miss an opportunity to go and see the race and cheer the participants. In Qatar, just as traditional camel racing is very popular, the modern powerboat racing is acquiring popularity. People all over the Gulf, including Qatar, are interested in sailing and powerboat racing events. Powerboat racing is an interesting concept in adventure sports offered to the people of Qatar. You will find that in Qatar people appreciate powerboat racing tremendously.

If you are a powerboat racing enthusiast, you could time your visit in such a way that you get to see the powerboat racing events in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, and then come over to Qatar and watch the event here. The Abu Dhabi and Sharjah events take place before the Qatar event. The participants almost fly over the water at great speeds. The ultimate goal in the Class I World Powerboat Championship is the much coveted Sam Griffith Trophy. Thousands of people come out to watch the madness – yes it is madness as it cannot be anything else.

Powerboat racing is an amateur sport and because of the speeds involved, they are run under strict rules and supervision. The fastest class boats travel at 200 mph, and if an accident takes place, all precautions and safeguards are taken to prevent fatalities.