Sailing in Qatar

Sailing in Qatar is always full of fun, adventure, entertainment and enjoyment. It was earlier a popular activity with the locals alone, but now visitors and tourist have taken up the sport with zeal and interest. The climate of the city and the waters of the sea have made sailing one of the interesting and must-try water sports.

The most popular venue for sailing in Qatar is the Corniche Bay where the tourists can enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf watching the beautiful and magnificent coastline of the city on the one hand and enjoying the sailing in the Gulf on the other. Many of the hotels in Qatar organize regular sailing trips for their guests, but if you are not happy with these short sailing trips, you could always go to a sailing club and arrange a sailing trip for yourself and sail to your heart’s content. Some of the sports clubs which have excellent sailing facilities are the Qatar Marine Sports Foundation and the Doha Sailing Association. Should you desire, you could take training here which is given from 10 am to 6 pm seven days a week.

Qatar SailingYou do not really need to have navigational skills to do a spot of sailing near the shore and from where you can see the shoreline all the time. But if you would like to venture into the deeper and high seas, you should be able to plot charts, read the compass, and find your destination. But, with the entry of the digital world, things have become very easy and if you have a GPS everything becomes very simple. But, if you are a beginner, you should learn the basics of sailing. Step into the Qatar Marine Sports Foundation or the Doha Sailing Association and learn the nuances of sailing. Qualified instructors and expert sailors will take you through the entire process of learning and give you tips about the art of sailing.

The sailing club is an excellent place not only to sail but also to socialize and meet people – either from Qatar or from around the globe. They do hold nice barbeque dinners here and they do not really mind should you want to bring a  bottle of wine along with you. But, they are strict about this in the month of Ramadan.

And if you are really interested in sailing, go out in the waters of the Gulf on an afternoon and enjoy the wind and surf on your face. You may even find a fish or two jump right before you. After sailing, relax on a private beach or at the sailing club and sip a drink and enjoy the glorious sunset.

If you desire, you can take up membership at the Doha Sailing Club. The membership is 600 riyals per year, with another 600 Riyals as a deposit in case of any damage to the boats. By paying a little bit extra, you can take family membership; if you take a guest along, you will have to pay 10 riyals. But, it is definitely worth it.

Sailing has earned popularity in the entire Gulf region and Qatar is no exception. The beautiful blue waters of the Gulf, and the excellent tide clubbed with favorable winds make Qatar a nice place for sailing. Sailing is a sport that everyone enjoys whether you are young or old and you will definitely enjoy it for sure.

When are you going to try your hand at sailing?