If you love shopping, if you have a thrill for shopping, and if you love bargaining, then Qatar and specially Doha is the right place for you. Qatar is a shopper’s paradise and you will realize that it is cheaper here than in Dubai. There are a number of places where you can go shopping. In Qatar shopping is a place where you have the privilege of choosing between the modern and traditional shopping venues.  You can either go to the air-conditioned malls and shop in leisure and comfort or go to the souqs and enjoy the excitement of bargaining. The capital city of Doha is the hub of all shopping activity in Qatar.

Doha has a number of ultramodern air-conditioned malls apart from the traditional markets – the privilege of where to shop is all yours. Bargaining is expected from you and the shopkeeper readily accepts this fact as it is a tradition and a custom.  If you do not bargain, the shopkeeper will give you a discount anyway. If you walk away without buying, the shopkeeper will follow you till both of you settle on a mutually agreeable price. That is how bargaining in Qatar shopping takes place.

Doha’s largest mall is the City Centre where you can find expensive jewelry, branded garments, and lovely perfumes as well as things which are in the reach of the shoe-string-budget of the common man. Try the Makki Gallery – they have some nice jewelry and do not forget to peep into Badran Carpets where they some absolutely beautiful Iranian carpets and rugs. You will find a whole range of electronic goods to keep your husband out of your way so that you can shop in peace. When you are in the City Centre in Qatar shopping, you can keep your children busy by depositing them in the amusement area where they can get busy with bouncy castles, computer games, and even go-karting.

You could take a visit to the Landmark Mall – the only disadvantage with this mall is that is far away from anywhere. The mall has on display clothes, jewelry and cosmetics and you get the feel that the items are targeted for the lady of the house. If you are in the Landmark Mall in Qatar shopping there is no need for you to go hungry. They have a food court from where delicious smells keep wafting – you are right, they are from McDonalds and KFC.

Qatar ShoppingWhile you are in Qatar shopping, have a look at Villagio which is the best mall in Qatar, but it is not complete and work is still going on. The mall may be pretty simple on the outside, but once you step in, have a look at the ceiling – it is amazing. But, hold it! There is something that is going to take your breath away. There is a canal that runs through the center of the mall with bridges like you see in Venice and you can also travel in a gondola. The mall boasts of a 3-D cinema, an ice-skating rink, and a food court.

If you would like to visit the traditional markets, visit the Souq Waqif in the city center. The shops open early in the morning, close for lunch, and open again in the evenings. You will find all traditional handicrafts, perfumes, and spices on display here. You will find jewelry, tailoring and embroidery shops, as well as shops that sell bishoot – the men’s cloak, and abayat – the women’s cloak. Look, and you will also find all odds and ends, like swords and daggers, on display here.