Shopping For Watches in Qatar

Qatar is the land of riches. So it is pretty evident that their level of luxury will also be unsurmountable. This fact directly affects the sale of watches in Qatar. According to recent studies, it has been seen that designer and premium watches sell more in Qatar than ordinary ones. People living there are much more inclined to purchase a brand value watch, such as Rado or Omega, than go off to buy something ordinary. Hence, you can very well understand as to why premium watches have more onshore venues in Qatar than in anywhere else in the world.


There are several shopping malls in and around Doha, Qatar’s capital where watches can be purchased very easily. For example, the luxurious mall, called Villaggio Mall offers an extensive collection of branded watches which are very costly. However, cost of a watch does not seem to be a problem for the people living in Qatar – for most of their general population. Top watch brands have their own personalized stores in different malls in order to attract mire customers. As it has been mentioned, people are not much in to online shopping in Qatar. So these top companies put up their retail stores all over Qatar in order to poach more customers.

This complete mechanism is working very well for the top brands. However, one cannot forget about the local watches that are made for the poorer sections of the society. These watches have a decent build quality as well, but they do not actually come anywhere near those international versions. Still, watches provide a small, but crucial part of everyday man’s life, and these local watches serve the purpose very well.


Certain shopping malls such as the Landmark Mall in Doha has retail stores of top brands such as Omega, along with other places like the Doha City Centre with TAG Heuer, Lagoon Mall with Rolex, and the Villaggio Mall with Audemars Piguet. Apart from that, the Hamad International Airport has a duty-free shopping provision for top quality watches such as GMT. This facility has been availed considering the tourists and foreign nationals who visit Qatar via the airport. Other online franchises are also growing slowly in order to fulfil the demand in such a rich economy. Dubizzle is one of such websites that focus primarily on an online interface. Along with that, Fastrack has setup a complete online experience for the citizens of Qatar as well.