Al-Ghuwair Castle

Al-Ghuwair Castle carries a historical significance in Qatar as far as Qatari architecture is concerned. Many of these forts and castles were built during different periods, and these castles were built with different intentions. Not all the forts were built for defense or for waging a war. It is normally believed that castles are built for the purpose of defense. Whether the Al-Ghuwair Castle was built for defense or not is a point that is debatable.

Many of the old forts have lost the war they keep waging against time and what remain is only ruins. Some of the forts and castles get a face lift and they are then converted into museums. The Al-Ghuwair Castle has lost the battle and now lies in ruins.

The Al-Ghuwair Castle was founded in the beginning of the 9th century. The castle has a rectangular shape and has thick walls made of stone and mud. The type of architecture found in this castle is quite commonly seen in constructions of the Middle East.