Corniche Bay

Qatar is an attractive and major Mid-east destination that has developed fast. Qatar is a blend of the traditional and modern, which has a number of forts and places and a number of ultra modern high rise buildings. Doha is the capital of Qatar and is located along the east coast of the peninsula. What is unique about Doha is that approximately 80% of the population of Qatar stays in Doha. Doha has a number of tourist destinations in the city, but the most famous place for tourists is the Corniche Bay in Doha.

The Corniche Bay in Doha is an ideal place for you and your family. It is a seven kilometer long stretch of road with palm trees lined along the road. The road is in the shape of a horseshoe and extends along the Doha Bay and runs along the Arabian coast. It is an absolutely nice and fund place to walk. The Corniche Bay has a beautiful paved pathway for the convenience of the walkers. As the area is completely landscaped, it is an excellent tourist place for holding family picnics. Take your partner and go for a long walk along the Corniche – this romantic interlude is something that you are going to remember for a long time.

The Corniche Bay has several cafeterias and restaurants and the most popular food item on the menu is sea food. While you can admire the beautiful color of waters of Gulf in the daytime, you can enjoy the amazing sunset and take pleasure from the beautiful lighting of the Corniche at night.

Corniche BayThe Corniche Bay provides you ample parking space and so finding parking space is not a problem. Remember to park your car in the parking bay or you will find yourself with a parking ticket. The Corniche Bay is definitely one of the most attractive areas of the city and important landmarks of Doha are to be found along this road. Important landmarks which are found along the Corniche are The Museum of Islamic Art, Doha Port, Qatar National Museum, Qatar National Theatre, Dubai Towers, and the Sheraton Doha. There are several parks in and around the Corniche Bay where you can relax and get some respite from the scorching heat.

You can take a tour of the Palm Tree Island which lies off the Corniche Bay. You can enjoy a number of activities on the island such as camel riding, water sports, and amusement rides. The island has a number of cafeterias and restaurants which serve some of the best cuisines in Doha.

Take a walk along the Corniche till you come to the Port area which is a fascinating place. The activity at the port with ships, dhows, fishing boats, pleasure crafts keeps you engaged – you can watch the activity and never feel tired. Walk further until you come to the Bal Humbar restaurant which is practically on the sea. You can sit on cushions and enjoy Arabic food with the waves lapping your feet. If you walk further down you will see the Emir’s palace which is used more for receptions now.

If you walk further down along Corniche Bay you will see the Museum of Islamic Arts. This museum is constructed on its own island. If you proceed further you will find the commercial harbor. Fishing boats gather here on the other side where you can buy fish straight off the boat from the fishermen. If you go further down, you will find the Qatar National Museum.

The Corniche Bay is definitely a beautiful and interesting place and you can never find a dull moment.