Haloul Island

Qatar is one of the richest economies in the world. The secret of their wealth lies in their rich oil reserves. 80% of their income comes out of oil exports. It has one of the world’s highest per capita incomes. There are a number of islands which lie off the coast of Qatar such as Ishat Island, Shrao Island, Al Saflia Island, and Alia Island. Haloul island is one of such islands.

Haloul island is located about 80 kms northeast of the city of Doha and has an area of 1.5 square kilometers. Haloul island which rises to a height of about 190 feet is hilly in nature. There are a number of coral reefs in the sea surrounding the island and these reefs provide an opportunity for scuba diving and for watching marine life. Surrounding the island, you will find a number of fishing grounds which provide ample opportunities for fishermen and fishing enthusiasts.

Many people who visit Doha visit the surrounding islands for rest and relaxation. Others visit the island as they are attracted by the scenic and natural beauty of the hills and the blue seas, making the island an excellent tourist spot. Tourists and local residents make trips to Haloul island to escape the crowds and enjoy some peace and tranquility.

Haloul island is a major international oil terminal. It boasts of 11 large crude oil storage tanks with a capacity totaling 5 million barrels. The crude oil is blended and exported from Haloul island to the customer’s oil tankers moored offshore. The island has crude oil pumping facilities, power generation facilities, and a water desalination plant. A heliport is already provided for the staff of the oil company.

Haloul island is provided with suitable housing facilities for the employees. Other domestic facilities, including restaurants, a club house, recreational facilities and recreational areas are provided for the employees. About 800 to 900 personnel are present on the island on a daily basis.

The administration of Haloul island has taken up the project of landscaping and enhancing greenery on the island. They have taken up planting a number of flowering plants, trees, and shrubs on the island. A project has been taken up for sewage and waste water treatment plant and the gray water will be used for enhancement of the greenery on Haloul island.