Ishat Island

Ishat Island which is an island situated on the southeastern part of Qatar has a total land area of 20 square kilometers. This island consists of three flat-topped islets fringed with light colored cliffs. There are a couple of rocks which are found lying to the northeast of Khor Al-Udaid, and it seems that these rocks have been detached from one of the cliffs a long time ago.

Ishat Island is surrounded by the waters of the Arabian Gulf and it is an attractive place for tourists and visitors. Tour operators from Doha and other places arrange guided tours to the island. The exotic location of the island and the pleasant climate attracts visitors to the island who come here to relax in the cool and calm environment. The scenic beauty of the island makes Ishat Island an excellent tourist destination. Many tourists and locals come here on weekends to get away from the busy city life.

A considerable number of visitors come here every year and thus, Ishat Island has a booming tourism business. The geographical location of the island has made it a popular tourist destination for relaxation and adventure. Some attractive and appealing tourist destinations around Ishat Island are Haloul Island, Shrao Island, Alia Island, and Al Saflia Island.