Al Rayyan

Qatar is a peninsula located in the oil rich waters of the Arabian Gulf. Qatar was earlier a nation consisting

Umm Said

Umm Said is a town situated about forty five kilometers from Doha and located on the eastern coast of the

Al Ruwais

Al Ruwais is a small town that is located about 110 kms from Doha on the northern tip of the

Al Wakra

The town of Al Wakra can be looked at as a part of Doha as it is just five miles

Al Zubara

Al Zubara is a small town located 110 kms from the northwest of Doha. It is an important archeological centre


Al-Khor is one of the important cities of Qatar which is located about 50 kms to the north of the


Dukhan is a beautiful town, which is located about 80 kms west of Doha. If not for its huge oil


Doha which is a very prosperous city is the capital of Qatar. It is situated on the banks of the