Al-Khor is one of the important cities of Qatar which is located about 50 kms to the north of the city of Doha. Al-Khor is also spelt as Al Khawr which means ‘sea on three sides’. The population of the town, as per the 2004 census, was about 31,000. This town was formerly a small pearling and fishing village.  As the town is quite close to Qatar’s northern oil and natural gas fields, many of its employees stay here.

The history of Al-Khor is very old and it is said to be older than Doha. The town was ruled by the Al-Thani tribe before the independence of Qatar in 1971, as it continues to be done even today. The excavations in and around the area suggest that the town may be as old as 5600 to 5300 B.C. and the pottery which was discovered recently has shown a very close connection with the Ubaid civilization. History tells us that the Shaqiq and the Kassite civilization produced the purple-red dye which was used for the robes of kings by crushing sea snails. These snails were found on a small island near Al-Khor called the Purple Island. Surrounding the island is a green mangrove forest which is the home of countless birds, and the most common birds seen are the jeweled kingfishers, the purple herons, and pink flamingoes. Take some time off and observe all the different types of birds and their activities.

Al-Khor is a small place and there are not many things you can do here. Visit the harbor and see all the activity that is going on. And while you are there, cross over to the fish market and see the different varieties of fish which are on sale. Take a long walk along the beach and enjoy the serene and tranquil surroundings. Sit down on the beautiful sands and watch the kids play. Take a walk along the Corniche and enjoy the beauty of the Corniche though of, course it cannot match the beauty of the Doha Corniche.

Al KhorIf you just walk ahead, you will find a small museum between the beach and the harbor which can tell you all about the local culture, traditions, and lifestyle. Al-Khor is a quiet and peaceful town and you may not find many tourists. Hence, the peace and calm of the town is undisturbed. The beaches of Al-Khor are very beautiful tourist attractions that are sure to give an element of peace and tranquility to the tourists and residents alike. The climate here is perfect for you to enjoy.

Should you like to enjoy the hospitality of the town of Al-Khor, you can stay at any of the fine hotels which have prices to suit your budget. The fascinating Al Sultan Beach Resort is located here. The resort offers rooms and suites which are done up with excellent taste. Most of the rooms have windows facing the Persian Gulf. You can savor some of the best foods in the restaurants here.

Al-Khor is believed to be the next hot spot for tourism and luxury and plans are going for development of the area along these lines. The growing popularity of this area has given opportunity to many people for investment in real estate here. The city is absolutely safe for travelling and the citizens of Al-Khor are very helpful to strangers in giving directions and also advise them on various rules and regulations that are applicable to the area.