Al Rayyan

Qatar is a peninsula located in the oil rich waters of the Arabian Gulf. Qatar was earlier a nation consisting of many tribes whose main business was fishing, pearling, and sheep-rearing and sheep-breeding. The discovery of oil in the late 1930s radically changed the face of economy of Qatar. Oil exports made Qatar a very rich country, and oil exports account for 80% of the nation’s income. Qatar boasts of one of the world’s highest per capita income. Almost 80% of Qatar’s population lives in Doha. There are a number of towns and cities lying very close to the capital city of Doha, one of which is Al Rayyan. Al Rayyan is also known as Ar Rayyan.

Al Rayyan QatarAl Rayyan is a historical city in the state of Qatar. Al Rayyan means ‘the source of irrigation’ and as per Islam it also means ‘a door in heaven’ or ‘one of the Gates of Paradise’. It is the only land-locked municipality of Qatar. It shares it borders with the following municipalities: Umm Salal, Ad Dawhah, Al Wakra, Jariyan al Batnah, and Al Jumaliyah. The population of Al Rayyan, as per the latest statics, is 283,967.

Al Rayyan boasts of the Al Rayyan Club which fields teams in a number of sports such as football, basket ball, volley ball, hand ball, and table tennis. The club, which was founded in 1967, is based at the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium. The club has won numerous titles in all sports.