Al Zubara

Al Zubara is a small town located 110 kms from the northwest of Doha. It is an important archeological centre famous for its old fort.

The town of Al Zubara was founded by the Al Khalifa and the Al Jalahima sections of the Bani Utub tribe which migrated from Kuwait to Qatar’s northwest coast. Because of the Bani Utub’s important connections, Al Zubara became a very important center of trade and pearling. It is believed that in 1638, this town consisted of 150 houses and 700 inhabitants. Their main vocation was fishing, pearling, and livestock breeding.

Al ZubaraAs these tribes did not have any dominant local ruler, there was a lot of insecurity and rivalry between the rivals. The tribes who had settled here built walled towns and forts to protect themselves from the raiding Bedouins.

Al Zubara town is surrounded by a long enclosure wall and guard towers and houses were built outside the walls. The traditional Qatari technique of joining coral rock and limestone with mud mortar was used in the construction of these buildings. A gypsum-based plaster, decorated with geometric patterns, was used to protect the walls from the elements.

Al Zubara had a predominant place in Qatar history, but today all that you find here is the fort which has been restored and converted into the Al Zubara  Regional Museum.

Al Zubara Fort was square shaped with circular towers in three of its corners and a rectangular tower in the fourth corner. This fort was built in the year 1938, under the ruling of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani. The fort was constructed adjoining the ruins of a much older fort. The fort has got very thick and high walls that also served as a station for coast guards and even for the military forces.