Doha which is a very prosperous city is the capital of Qatar. It is situated on the banks of the Arabian Gulf. About 80% of the people of Qatar live in Doha. In the earlier days, Doha was a pearling and fishing village, till oil was discovered and the face of Qatar and Doha, both underwent a change. With the discovery of oil, Qatar became an extremely wealth country with 80% if its income dependent on its oil exports. It is a very beautiful city with a lot of things to do – you will have the choice of what to do. The city has a very beautiful atmosphere which is loved both by the residents and tourists alike.

If you would like to stay in Doha, there are a number of hotels for you to choose from, with prices to suit your pocket – from budget to high-end. Some of the hotels for you to take your pick from are the Ritz Carlton, Intercontinental, Four Seasons, Sheraton, Movenpick, Grand Regency, and the Marriot. These are but only a few of the hotels in the city and there are many more spread throughout the city. Most of the hotels in the city offer sea-based activities such as fishing, water-skiing, wakeboarding, jet-skiing, paragliding, surfing, and scuba diving.

Doha - QatarDoha offers its visitors and residents a lot of dining options. You could go to the Movenpick on Thursday nights where they have Italian night theme dinners. Their lasagna is said to be fantastic. Walk into the Turkey Central Restaurant which is extremely popular with the local people – you get the standard Middle Eastern dishes which are quite tasty at a reasonable price. If you desire Lebanese food, step into the Assaha Lebanese Village. They have Lebanese fare as well as international cuisine. Their fruit cocktail ‘Flamingo’ is said to be excellent. Try the Far East Restaurant if you fancy Thai food – their Tom Yang soup and beef with Thai sauce is said to be good.

There are several clubs in Doha which permit guests over the age of 21 to enter. These clubs organize large parties and monthly events which you could try out.  World famous DJs come to most of the parties organized in Doha. Be sure to purchase tickets for such events in advance, lest you be disappointed.

Doha has a number of destinations for sightseeing. It has many museums, many beautiful mosques, and a number of old forts in and around the city. You can walk along the 7 km stretch of road along the Corniche in the evening and enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the place. Cross over to the Palm Tree Island which is just a five-minute boat ride from the Corniche. A visit to this island is a great way to escape the crowds. The island has rides, watersports, a quad bike track, and camel rides for your recreation. Choose from a number of restaurants and food courts to eat the food of your choice. Visit the Qatar National Museum on the Corniche Road and learn about the culture, traditions, history and lifestyle of the people of Qatar. Visit the Doha Ethnographic Museum, also known as The Wind Tower House.

Doha has a tropical climate and the summer season extends from May to October and the winter from November to March. The summers are dry with hot winds blowing. The winters are comfortable, and maybe a trifle chilly. The best time to visit Doha is in the winter months, but do remember to take a few woolens along.

One thing is for sure that you are going to like your visit to Doha, and you will come here again and again.