Dukhan is a beautiful town, which is located about 80 kms west of Doha. If not for its huge oil reserves, this little town in Qatar would otherwise have gone unnoticed. In fact, this town is considered to be virtually sitting on a big field of oil (that is roughly 80 kms by 8 km in area). Oil was first discovered in the town of Dukhan in the year 1938. However, the gas exploration process was greatly hampered and delayed due to the Second World War. It was only in the year 1948 that development could be completed and flow of oil started.

DukhanThe Dukhan oil fields encompass 4 different fossil fuel reserves, starting from the north of the town to the south – namely Fahahil, Khatiyah, Jaleha and Diyab. Of all these 4 fossil fuel reserves, 3 are very rich oil reservoirs, while the fourth one among these fossil fuel reserves contains fuel gas and not oil. Since there are no processing facilities available in Diyab, therefore, all the crude oil that is obtained from exploration in this station is sent to Jaleha station for processing. Finally, the crude oil that has been stabilized, is then transported through a pipeline from Jaleha to Mesaieed port for export.

The town of Dukhan is surrounded by a compound wall and non-residents are not permitted inside without a gate pass. There isn’t much development here as the town is quite close to Doha.

Dukhan boasts of a 20-hole golf course, though it is not up to Doha standards. Some of the holes are located outside the compound and special gates have been installed for players to go out of the compound and continue their play. The town runs the Dukhan English School, which was established in 1954 and is the oldest British curriculum school in Qatar.

A lot of construction activity is going on around Dukhan and a number of civil infrastructure development projects are being implemented here. One of the projects involves relocation of industrial facilities outside the town of Dukhan. Other projects which are presently being undertaken are the Dukhan-Umm Bab-Salwa road, a new sewage treatment plant, Dukhan Housing Projects, and the Dukhan Operations Headquarters building.

Dukhan boasts a movie theater with a 600-seating capacity exclusively for Dukhan Qatar Petroleum staff which is open 4 days a week. There are a couple of clubs for the entertainment of the Qatar Petroleum staff. The Dukhan Recreational Center which is for the use of the senior staff has two swimming pools and two tennis courts. It also has a qym, other facilities, and an outdoor play ground and a multipurpose area. The Al Hubara Recreational Centre which is meant for junior staff has a tennis court, a billiards room, a common lounge, a video room, an indoor gym, a library, two swimming pools, a ladies wing, internet facilities, and a garden for children. The Dukhan Squash and Play Ground is open to all petroleum staff who reside in Dukhan.