Umm Said

Umm Said is a town situated about forty five kilometers from Doha and located on the eastern coast of the Qatar peninsula. It is a commercial as well the largest oil exporting port. The town has many other industries involved in steel production, production of fertilizers, petrochemicals, and natural liquefied gas. This city is not only an industrial place but it also a favorite tourist destination.

Umm Said was established in 1949 as a tanker terminal by the Qatar Petroleum Company on an uninhabited piece of land. At that time this place was the only deepwater port in Qatar that handled the export of oil and the import of construction, industrial equipment and consumer goods. With the opening of the deep water port at Doha, the pressure on Umm Said was reduced.

Umm Said QatarThe climate of Umm Said is absolutely perfect as it is neither too hot nor too cold. It is a totally safe city and you need not worry about your security – you can freely step out at any time of the day or night. The people of the city are very helpful and give you advice on the local tourist attractions. The place is totally relaxing and you can get away from the hustle and bustle of Doha for a quiet weekend.

Umm Said faces problems of soil erosion that occur due to the sea winds apart from prominent fluctuations in the sea bed. Umm Said is also known as Mesaieed, and Mesaieed Industrial City was established as a single point authority to establish ‘one stop’ services to all commercial establishments in Mesaieed. The city is said to be the heart of Qatar’s industrial culture. It is  from the revenues which Qatar has earned through exports of petroleum and petroleum products that Qatar was able to rise up successfully and become a modern commercial and industrial country.

The main plants and family residential quarters of the following companies are located at Umm Said – Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Refinery, Qatar Fertilizer Company, Qatar Petrochemical Company, Qatar Steel Company, and Qatar Aluminum.

Umm Said has a beach resort to its south where you find windy sand dunes. Qataris and tourists come here to spend their weekends here. The Al Banush Club which is owned by Qatar Fertilizer Company (QAPCO) is located here. The club is mainly used by the senior staff of QAPCO. The club has a football ground, basketball and tennis facilities. You will also find a swimming pool and a restaurant here. The Dana Club is owned by the Qatar Petroleum Company and Qatar Police.  It has a football ground, basketball, tennis, badminton, and table tennis facilities. It also has a swimming pool and a restaurant. The QP Golf Club is owned by Qatar Petroleum and boasts of a golf course and a swimming pool.

Umm Said has a shopping centre which contains a department store, an electronics store and an optical store. The following banks operate in the city – Qatar Islamic Bank, Qatar National Bank, Doha Bank, Commercial Bank Qatar, and HSBC. Just beside the shopping centre is a large souq which has textile shops, supermarkets, groceries, hair cutting saloons, laundry, restaurants, and cafes.

Umm Said boasts of some of the most popular hotels in the city and staying there can make your trip pleasant and exciting. You can choose a hotel of your choice and comfort without denting your budget.