Qatar Education

“Learning and teaching are pathways to fulfillment and prosperity across time and cultures” is a famous saying. His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar and the founder of Qatar Education Foundation is committed to the cause of bringing knowledge to the people of Qatar. The foundation has come with new strategies and programs involving capacity building and character development in a new concept called Education City. This method involves selecting a few institutions, which are recognized for the quality of their programs. The program involves education from the early schooling level to the college level at the university and it could also involve post graduation level. Curiosities, creativity, knowledge transfer, learning life skills are the basic tenets to create interest and sustain it in learners.

The primary and secondary education in Qatar is controlled by The Supreme Education Council and the Ministry of Education. The council is now establishing privately managed independent schools. Most of these schools have better resources and are better equipped as compared to the schools run by the Ministry of Education. The schools run by the Ministry suffer from problems of indiscipline as well as other operational problems. The independent schools impart instruction both in the Arabic and the English language, but they plan to switch over to the English medium totally in the coming years.

Qatar Education CityAt the core of the Education City system are six universities which are the branches of the prestigious international institutions that are interlinked with most of their celebrated programs. These world-class programs inspire young learners and bring out the best in them to reach for higher academic attainments. The partners in progress for the pursuit of Qatar education involve faculty, staff, students, and other community members  who come together to make the program a success.

Education City has planned for The Education City Student Center which is projected to be opened in January 2010. This center which will be the heart of the campus will have services and programs that will plan to bring the faculty and the students together. The facilities offered here are a food court, a convenience store, a book shop, a games room, a bowling alley, an art gallery and a movie theatre. And among other things, it will also boast a shopping plaza. With most of activity likely to happen here, the Student Center is definitely bound to be the heart of the campus. The future will see Qatar Education making a positive step in the right direction.

Enlightened students are necessary for Qatar’s transformation and that is dependent on harboring a research culture. It is this culture that boosts and encourages the pursuit of knowledge, reach for the unknown through scientific research and create innovative technologies. The growth and development of the research environment has been taken up by the Research Division of Qatar Foundation along with its partners with the sole aim of boosting Qatar’s technological capacity and discover new solutions to the challenges faced in the fields of health, energy, and environment. Qatar education has proved to the world that it can do a lot in this direction.

The Qatar National Research Fund is instrumental in bringing about a change in the system of education and development of the country. It receives and analyzes research proposals received from around the world that will not only advance human knowledge, but also benefit Qatar. Qatar Education, through Qatar Foundation, aims at directing research towards the areas of medicine, biotechnology, environmental and molecular sciences, and information and communication technologies.