Furniture Stores Qatar

What do you expect from the country with the highest GDP per capita in terms of furniture shopping? Qatar is the land of the rich. In fact, it is the largest economy in today’s world. Everything about this nation is extravagant. So are the furniture stores in and around Qatar. Since this country had a vast economic growth in the last few decades, various furniture and other household commodity markets have sprung up in it. Qatar is basically an Islamic state, so its local furniture stores mostly comprise of such furniture which comply with the Islamic tradition and common Islamic household.

Furniture Shopping
However, this does not necessarily mean that there are no western furniture stores in Qatar. Due to its huge economic growth, this country has many foreign nationals residing for business. Their needs also need to be fulfilled. This is the reason as to why several western furniture stores have grown in Doha, Qatar’s capital. Still, there are not much of online stores in and around Qatar. Technology is yet to reach the deepest portions of this country. People in Qatar prefer to shop for their furniture in offline stores, unlike most places in this world. Still, foreign nationals are found abundant in this country. For their feasibility, a handful of online stores are still operational. They provide excellent quality furniture, and in an affordable price range.

However, the main attraction in furniture shopping is the Doha City Centre. This is the oldest “shopping mall” in Qatar, and it houses various furniture stores. The build quality is really impressive due to the high economy of this country. In addition to that, there are several innovative designs in those offline stores that can be found nowhere else. All this clearly indicates that Islamic furniture architecture has really evolved in to something amazing, which the rest of the world is yet to experience. What types of furniture are found there? Well, several types and models, actually. Their furniture ranges from pure wood, to wrought iron and simple steel ones.

Notable Stores
Among several offline and online stores found in and around Qatar, some notable stores include KARE Qatar, Origins, Habitat Doha as well as Midas Furniture and Bombay Furniture. These stores are very good, according to local people and they have been extremely popular among residing foreigners as well. For those who need American and other modern furniture for them, Qatar also houses a few branches of IKEA as well.