Qatar Jobs & Employment

Many people come to the gulf countries in search of a job, as the pastures here are greener. People come to Qatar also with the same reason, as they are fully aware that the pay packets here are far better than what they could expect in their native countries. Finding a job is not an easy task in itself, and finding a job in a new country is an even more difficult proposition indeed! In Qatar jobs are not easy to come.

The best place to start looking for jobs is through the classifieds in the newspapers. It is very difficult to find jobs in Qatar through recruitment agencies, as most of the agencies do not have any websites. There could only be a couple of recruitment agencies who have functional websites.

If you are interested in Qatar jobs and seek employment in any of the government departments, then you could keep an eye open on the government run Qatar Airways which is the national airways of Qatar, QTel which is the government run Telecommunication Company, or the state owned Qatar Petroleum. Other options are Qatar Petrochemical Company, Qatar Liquefied Gas Company, the Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar Chemical Company, and Qatar Electricity & Water Company.

Should you be interested in private companies and organizations, you could apply online or offline to any of the commercial banks in Qatar, the Qatar Fertilizer Company, and the Qatar Steel Company. If you are interested in pursuing a career in teaching or working in an educational institution, then you could apply to the International Schools or colleges. The University of Qatar also requires faculty for teaching in many subjects and these are some of the Qatar jobs that are available irrespective of the state of the economy.

Qatar allows many foreign nationals to work, but only on a temporary basis. Foreign workers are treated and paid well, but at the end of their tenure, they have to go back. The government encourages its native youngsters by providing them good jobs and offering a good career path to secure their future. However, to achieve this, it will take some more time and till that time foreign nationals can happily stay and pursue their careers in the country.

Remember that if you are going to Qatar for employment, then you should have an authentic offer letter denoting offer of an employment as soon as you reach there. If you are offered a contract, have it translated, read it, understand the contract and its implications before you sign it. All foreigners require a local sponsor in order to visit Qatar – whatever be the purpose, and that goes for employment too. In the case of employees, your employer acts as your sponsor. Your sponsor is responsible for your behavior, and he is held liable for any misbehavior on your part. That is the tricky part of Qatar jobs.

Recruitment agents or consultants play a major role in the placement of workers in Qatar. Agencies tend to specialize in specific areas of work such as medical and nursing, technical trades, and engineering. Agency and consultancy charges are paid by the employer, but the fees to be paid to the consultant may vary from 10-20% of your salary.

The concept of working women has changed and most of the Arab countries have accepted the change. There is an influx of foreign women from other countries seeking employment in Qatar. These women are employed as doctors, lawyers, public relations, hotel administrators, educationists, and as flight attendants in domestic as well as international airlines. Local women are taking up employment in Qatar and they have earned themselves a reputation as hard-working, reliable and diligent.  Women are generally safe in their workplace, but women should be careful not to be too friendly with their men colleagues, as this could be misinterpreted. Expats should be careful while taking up Qatar jobs.