Qatar Visa

Are you travelling to Qatar on a visit to your relatives or friends? Have you planned a vacation at Qatar or have you decided to relocate to Qatar to take up a job there? Whatever be the purpose of your travel to that country, you should acquaint yourself with the relevant visa information of Qatar. There are different types of visas for entry into the country and you can choose the one that fits your need.

Tourist Visa: if you require a tourist visa, you will have to submit an application to the Airport Visas Section of the Qatar Immigration Department. The visa application has to be forwarded through one of the registered hotels in Qatar. You will receive the visa within 24 hours of your submitting the application. These visas are valid for 14 days and can be extended for another 14 days. Through the visa information provided through the government of Qatar, you will know that tourist or business visas are provided straightaway to nationals of 33 countries. The countries to which this facility is provided are USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Austria, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and a few other countries.

Business Visa: A recognized business concern or company can apply for this visa to the Immigration Department. You will receive the visas within twenty four hours, based on your visa information, and it is valid for 14 days, and can be renewed for a further period of three months.

GCC Residents Visa: Residents of GCC or Gulf Co-operation Council Countries can obtain a visa at Qatar airport itself. But, the applicant should hold a residence visa of any GCC country. The validity of this visa is 14 days and can be extended for another 14 days.

Joint Visit Visa: There is also a provision for a Joint Visa valid for both Qatar and Oman which is valid for 21 days and extendable for another 7 days. The precondition as per the visa information is that the visa holder must visit Qatar first.

Work Visit Visa: If you are a holder of a Work Visit Visa, you can bring your family to Qatar and obtain an official ID card from the Bureau of Immigration. You can also obtain a health card, driving license, and you can join your children in the schools at Qatar. This visa is valid for one year and should be renewed every year.

Personal Visit Visa: This visa which is also known as Family Visit Visa is applicable to the expat’s spouse and relatives and is valid for a period of six months or one year. After expiry, it can be renewed for a further period of one year.

Multiple Entry Visit Visa: This visa is normally issued to people on short term contracts or employees of foreign companies which do not have any branches at Qatar. These visas are valid for six months or one year.

Residence Visa: A residence visa is granted to those persons with employment contracts in Qatar and is valid for a period of three years. Applications for residence permits must be forwarded to the Immigration Department. Employers take care of the entire paper work and also cost of the process.

British citizens holding a British passport may obtain a visitor’s visa valid for 6 months from the Qatari embassy in London. A 7-day business visa can also be obtained from the embassy. British citizens can also apply for a multiple entry visa valid for 5 years. United States citizens can obtain a multiple entry visa valid for ten years, but the maximum length of stay at a time is only six months.

One should read all relevant visa information, and you will find that foreigners with valid residence permits from GCC countries and certain professions do not require a visitor’s visa.