Luxury Vacation Qatar

Qatar which was a British-controlled territory since the mid 1800s obtained independence on the 3rd of September, 1971. It was originally noted for its pearling and fishing industry. It has now transformed itself into an independent and prosperous country with abundant oil and natural gas reserves and revenues. The per capita income of the country is one of the highest of the world and oil accounts for 80% of its export earnings. A luxury vacation at Qatar is a must to acquaint you with the wonders of Qatar.

Before you plan your trip to Qatar, you can plan your luxury vacation at Qatar in detail and decide your tours to suit your convenience and comfort. Most of the tour operators operate tours with a flexible catalogue and package and you can choose places of your interest.

Luxury Vacation QatarThe best place to start the luxury vacation at Qatar would be by starting with a City Tour where you can explore the capital city of Doha. The tour operators take you through the city in air-conditioned buses. You cannot imagine walking out in the heat in the scorching summer, with temperatures touching 45 C in the peak of summer. This place is relatively cooler than other places in the Gulf where the temperature touches a sizzling 55 C in the peak of summer. The tour operator will take you to the Equestrian Club, the Fruit & Vegetable Market, the Old Market, Corniche on the seafront, the Qatar National Museum, and the Dhow harbor.

You will be able to see the Oryx which is Qatar’s national animal, as well as Oryx reserves. You will not see this animal anywhere else in the world in such large numbers. You also have the opportunity of seeing camel racing and camel training.

If you are a fishing enthusiast, then you can go deep sea fishing and enjoy the thrilling experience. Do not worry about fishing gear – your tour operator will provide you with the necessary equipment. If you are game for a spot of dhow cruising, your tour operator will take you in a dhow at night. You will enjoy the lights of the beautiful Corniche. The Arabian music, dancing, and the dinner on board the dhow will leave you thrilled.

Enjoy a desert safari across the southern Qatari desert. You will be taken across a rough track where professional drivers will give you a roller coaster ride on the sand dunes. It is very exciting and down-to-earth enjoyable especially for the children. Those with a weak heart or those suffering from palpitations are advised not to venture on this ride.

Take a trip to Dukhan on the west coast of Qatar and enjoy the beautiful beaches found here. It was from Dukhan that the discovery of oil started. A visit to the Qatar National Museum is a must – you will discover the rich history, culture and traditions. You will also get to see samples of the diverse marine life in these areas.

Well, who would not like to go shopping? It is a real pleasure to shop in Doha, where you can go to the air-conditioned modern shopping complexes and malls. The thrill and joy of shopping in the traditional souqs is amazingly different. The Mall, the Landmark Mall, the Royal Plaza and the Hyatt plaza are some of the famous malls. The City Centre Mall is said to be the biggest mall in the area and it can easily take you half a day just to have a look at it. So, when are you planning your luxury vacation at Qatar?