Qatar Travel Guide

Qatar is a modern and dynamic country found in the waters of The Gulf. The country is endowed with natural wealth as it is virtually sitting on natural oil resources. That is what makes Qatar a rich country and it is one of the richest per capita countries of the world. Almost 50% of Qatar’s population lives in the capital city of Doha, which makes it a city state. This article gives you a complete overview of Qatar, almost as a tour guide would provide you with, when you take a Qatar Travel package.

Qatar is a monarchy and is ruled by the Al Thani family who are assisted by a council of ministers, an appointed advisory council, and an elected municipal council. Qatar’s customs, laws, and practices are strongly founded on Islamic ideals, beliefs, traditions, and culture. Passports and visas are required for entry into the country. United States citizens can obtain a single-entry visa – tourist or business – on arrival at Doha International Airport.

Qatar Travel GuideThough incidence of violence is rare, there have been a few attacks against foreign nationals.  A large contingent of police force is deployed throughout the country to prevent such attacks and provide a high level of public security. American and British citizens staying in Qatar are advised to be vigilant at all times and take appropriate steps to boost their personal security. Based on past information, it is evident that Al Qaida and other affiliated organizations keep planning strikes against Western individuals and firms. Potential targets are those places or venues where U.S. citizens or other foreigners are known to assemble in large numbers such as restaurants, clubs, places of worship, schools, or hotels. The crime rate in the country is normally low. Incidents of petty theft and larceny such as credit card/ATM card theft, purse snatching and pick-pocketing are on the rise. The department of Qatar Travel and Tourism ensures that tourists are not affected.

While in Qatar, foreign nationals may find driving and road conditions different from what they are accustomed to. People who are visiting Qatar on a short-term visit should obtain a valid International Driving Permit before arrival in Qatar. They should not drive on the basis of the driving license of their native country. Foreign nationals should avoid altercations with Qatari citizens over traffic incidents. Any complaint lodged by a Qatari national against a foreign national will make the foreign national liable to be arrested or detained.

All foreign nationals should be made aware that any type of contract is governed by the Qatari law and is written in the Arabic text. All foreign nationals are advised to obtain an English translation of the contract in order to know and understand the terms and conditions before signing the contract. The Qatari law favors Qatari employers over foreign employees and any foreign national who breaks an employment or business contract is liable to pay substantial financial penalties and damages before he is allowed to leave Qatar.

The major tourist attractions are the Marroub Fort on the west coast of Qatar, the fort-turned-museum in the ancient town of Al-Zubarah which is about 100 kms west of Doha, and the Al-Rakiyat Fort. Other major attractions are the Barzan Tower, Umm Salal Mohammed Fort, the Al-Wajbah Fort, Al-Jassasiya and the Al-Ghuwair Castle. Tourists spend a long time on the Doha Corniche, which is 7 km long palm-fringed boulevard along the seafront. The road is lined with beaches, five and six star hotels, restaurants, shops and recreational zones. The Palm Tree Island is a fun and family place with an excellent restaurant which is just a boat ride away from the Corniche. The Kingdom of Aladin Theme Park, which is the equivalent of Disney World, is located in the West Bay Area and is an attraction for people of all ages. A major attraction for you is shopping – whether you shop in the ultramodern shopping malls or you bargain in the traditional souqs. Before you come to Qatar, ensure that you make all your arrangements for Qatar Travel.