Jubail – Saudi Arabia

The city of Jubail lies on the Persian Gulf in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. The city is believed to be approximately 7000 years old when the earliest human settlement was established here. The inhabitants were involved in the fishing and pearling industries. The presence of potable water wells near the place ensured continuous human habitation.

In 1975, Jubail was selected by the Saudi Arabian Government to be a new industrial city, which has since then, seen rapid growth and industrialization. This city has a complex of petrochemical plants, iron and steel industries, and a number of other ancillary industries as well as a Royal Saudi Naval Base. Jubail has a number of industrial plants, which produce steel, petrochemicals, chemicals, fertilizers, gasoline, diesel, and lubricating oil. Jubail has the world’s largest seawater desalination plant, which provides 50% of the country’s drinking water by desalination of the waters of the Persian Gulf. Jubail gained fame when the first team of geologists landed here in 1933 for oil exploration in Saudi Arabia. In 1983 Jubail entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest engineering and construction project ever undertaken.

The project has been undertaken by Bechtel, who are the world leaders in engineering, construction and project management and it is their largest ongoing civil engineering project in the world today. The Saudi Arabian Government has been so happy with the progress of the work that Project Jubail II, a second industrial city to come up later, has also been handed over to them. The work in the Industrial city of Jubail-II is in full swing. This undertaking is expected to land over SR 200 billion in foreign investment. The development is expected to be completed in 4 phases spanning 22 years. The final phase is expected to be completed by 2022.

Jubail - Saudi ArabiaJubail is one of the best planned and very alluring cities in Saudi Arabia. It has an excellent network of highways connecting all quarters of the city. The city is full of gardens which are watered and irrigated by the desalinated water, and the cooling-water canals makes the climate in the city more tolerable and less hostile.

A number of joint ventures are being established in the city. There are 30 plants under construction and 44 in the planning stage. The Royal Commission is totally responsible for the success of Jubail’s economic development. One more feather in the cap of the Royal Commission is the development of information technology in Jubail – every building in the city has broadband internet access. Jubail II is even more planned as it will have high speed internet access from the very beginning. Work is in progress on the 1065 km railway line connecting Jubail with Jeddah via Riyadh and Dammam.

Jubail has a very vast airport with all ultra-modern facilities and has the capacity to receive all types of aircraft. A recreation area called ‘The Picnic Zone’ lies to the west of the industrial city and comprises an area of 204 sq. kms.  It has playgrounds, water sports, and other recreational facilities set in lush green locales. The ‘Al Batwah Island’ is a picnic area with a park, a zoo, plant nurseries, fishing facilities, and long beaches.

When you come to Saudi Arabia, do not forget to come and stay at Jubail. You will surely enjoy your visit.