Saudi Arabia Cities

A brief synopsis of the important Saudi Arabian cities is given here which could prove to be of help to the visitors in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh which is the capital city of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia lies in its central region and it is the most important of Saudi Arabia cities. It surpasses any other modern city in its architecture and facilities. The city is criss-crossed with impressive and broad network of roads and highways. You will see that most of the roads are lined with trees which not only offer shade to passers- by but also give the roads an august appearance. The extent of the city is about 1600 square kilometers and has a population of more than 5.8 million. It has been a very fertile area since the time when many ‘wadis’ or water channels coursed in the area. Discovery of oil has transformed the place into a marvel of sophistication and ultra-modern construction.

Jeddah is the second largest city and is extremely important for the Muslims who come here on a pilgrimage as it serves as a main gateway.  It is one of the most important of Saudi Arabia cities. It is the main sea port on the red Sea. The city boasts of various industries and it is one the busiest commercial hubs in the Kingdom.

Mecca is also one of the important of Saudi Arabia cities and is considered by the devout Muslims as the holiest of all cities. Prophet Muhammad was born in this city and he built the Holy Mosque on the site of his house, which is considered extremely holy by all the Muslims. Mecca is well connected with the entire world by air and sea.

The city of Medina or Al Madinah is also important to Muslims all over the world. The city of Medina is one of the important Saudi Arabia cities and it is known by 95 names and it is the second holiest city to the devout Muslims. The Islamic Era began here in Medina under Prophet Muhammad. Medina is also the place where Prophet Muhammad was buried.

Dammam or Al Dammam is one of the cities of Saudi Arabia which is located on the eastern part of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the kingdom’s important sea ports. It has one of the most important petroleum refining centers in the world. It has a number of tourist destinations, the most important being the Alkhleej Makarim Village which is one of the famous luxury resorts in the entire Middle East region.

Jubail, one of Saudi Arabia cities, lies on the Persian Gulf in the Eastern province. It is said to be an ancient city which is nearly 7000 years old. The city is now being developed as a New Industrial City which has a number of petrochemical plants, iron and steel industries as well as other ancillary steel industries. It has the world’s largest desalination plant which supplies desalinated water to half the kingdom.

Another of the prominent Saudi Arabia cities is Taif, which is located at a height of 1700 meters on the slopes of the Sarawat Mountain ranges. It is the summer capital of Saudi Arabia and it has been so selected as it enjoys an excellent climate throughout the year. The city is known as ‘the Garden of the Hejaz’ because of its abundant greenery and agricultural produce of various types of vegetables and fruits.