Furniture Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the largest Middle Eastern country. So, it is pretty evident that it would house lots of international businesses and trades in its own soil. Well, in that case, furniture shops are not at all different. Saudi Arabia actually behaves as the gateway to the Middle Eastern region. This is the reason why various acclaimed international business brands tend to setup their subsidiaries in this region, so as to influence the overall Middle Eastern market on a much larger scale. Branded furniture shops such as IKEA which operate on an international basis, also have their stores located in and around Jeddah, Dhahran as well as Riyadh and other places in Saudi Arabia.

It is needless to mention that these international furniture brands have adapted pretty well according to the varying culture of this Middle Eastern region. So, apart from selling western furniture and associated accessories, these stores also tend to house plenty of ethnic furniture and accessories that are locally used very often. Islamic and religious furniture is the most abundantly used type of furniture in these regions. So, be it IKEA or not, almost every furniture shop in Saudi Arabia has a good stock of such ethnic furniture for the common public in this country.
Having said that shopping for furniture in Saudi Arabia also serves another purpose. Since this country is rich in its culture and heritage, certain furniture stores have been set up in Jeddah, where one can find special collections of attractive furniture pieces. Other than that, there are also collectible items in such furniture stores. These items are generally antique in nature, and are priced quite high. Still, economy in Saudi Arabia is very good – so price does not really pose a problem on most people in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Stores in Saudi Arabia
If you want to visit some exquisite places for furniture shopping in Saudi Arabia, the first place you would want to go is Signature Interiors. It is a top notch furniture store which designs its own range of special furniture, and it also deals in collectible items. Along with that, there is Al Sharq Furniture which provide various types of furniture at an affordable cost. This is where the poorer sections of the society goes. There is also Al Mukmal Furniture which has big showrooms and houses good international furniture. For a more professional approach, you can also visit Desert Designs – they deal with professional furniture.