Living in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a land of opportunity as many people who are living there will tell you. Apart from being a holy land for the Muslims, it is an extremely popular place for expatriates.  People from all over the globe come here for jobs with the knowledge that there are innumerable opportunities for job seekers. Through this write-up, we will try to give job aspirants and other people who would be living in Saudi Arabia some tips of how to live there.

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest and most powerful countries in the Middle East. If you are living in Saudi Arabia you can easily understand about its rich heritage and immense oil wealth. Saudi Arabia is a blend of diverse cultures and staunch Islamic values and beliefs. If you are not accustomed to living in Saudi Arabia and if you are not aware of their life style and culture, your job assignment there can be quite challenging and stressful.

You ought to have a complete knowledge of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as their culture for you to stay and work there successfully. A thorough knowledge of Saudi Arabian culture, traditions, and customs will prevent any misunderstandings and make your living in Saudi Arabia a happy and successful experience.

Saudi Arabia (by erussell1984)Saudi society is extremely conservative and the local men and women prefer their privacy. If you would like to take a photo in public do not take photos of other people without their permission. If you are working as a teacher in a school or college, and you have to take your class out on a field trip or a picnic, it is mandatory for you to obtain the parents’ permission even if the kids are adults. As a photographer you should be extremely careful of the pictures you take with your camera. Do not take pictures of women or you will land in hot water; you may even have your camera confiscated. Do not photographs of any government buildings or airports lest you have a problem with the police or authorities.

If you are living in Saudi Arabia, drive carefully, for driving here requires a lot of skill and expertise. Saudi Arabia ranks first in car mishaps and unfortunately, most of the traffic accidents are fatal. Wearing seat belts is mandatory and ensure that you obey all the traffic signals and traffic rules. Teenagers speed in their cars at more than 200 kms/ hour and are responsible for most of the accidents while taxi drivers are responsible for some of them.

It is compulsory for all women visitors to Saudi Arabia to wear the black cloak-like ‘abaya’. Local women living in Saudi Arabia have to cover their hair and face also. Women are not allowed to drive here; they have to either get a driver and rent a car, or take a taxi. If women go to restaurants they are required to sit in the family section.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the most conservative society in the whole world and the social life is determined according to Islamic beliefs and traditions. All types of activity stop during prayer times which take place 5 times a day. Men and women are strictly segregated in all types of public life.

If you can adjust yourself to these conditions, then living in Saudi Arabia is no big deal.